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Apr 26, 2008 04:12 PM

Bee and Thistle and area question

We used to spend a lot of time in the Old Lyme-Chester area, but haven't been in several years.
I was wondering in anyone has eaten at the Bee and Thistle lately-last time we were there, it seemed to have fallen off a bit.
Also-is there anything new and worthwhile anywhere around that area, up to around Chester or so? I usually eat at Du Village, but could use another place as well. I'd prefer a spot where we could linger and enjoy a bottle of wine, as we will be seeing another couple we haven't seen in awhile.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Wish I could help you but I'd also like recommendations for that area since I was thinking of going to a show at Goodspeed. We used to eat at Steve's in Centerbrook, that's long gone. Is Copper Beech Inn any good these days? We haven't been there in MANY years.

    PS a quick check on Zagat shows that a place by the name of Gabrielle’s seems to be where Steve's used to be and gets great writeups (26 for food).

    1. The Bee and Thistle has cut back severely on its restaurant, preferring to cater to their B&B guests and open to the public only on a limited basis, usually Fridays & Saturdays.

      Please try out Bistro du Glace in Deep River on Main St. (Rt 159, just north of the jct with Rt. 80). Wonderful French bistro fare at very reasonable prices. The bacon/leek tart is a superb appetizer that shouldn't be missed.

      1. Thanks for the Bee and Thistle warning...I really enjoyed it some years back.
        I am going to Du Village, so I'm not sure Bistro du Glace will be a good fit for the weekend (though I'm always up for a tart)...
        As to the Copper Beach Inn...I ate there a few years ago, and found fairly poor...especially the service.

        1. A few notes-we ended up at Du Village-still excellent, with a great wine list...yes, we were the youngest in the place (and I ain't that young) but the morel starter was delicious, as was the garlic soup, followed by the crispy duck (what can be bad about crispy duck fat?) and the beef tenderloin with buttery potatoes...not to mention that passion fruit dessert. A perfectly executed, quiet and charming meal, as usual.
          And we went back to Cafe Routier, which was on a German menu-we had the salmon gravlax, which was nicely prepared and the puree of spring peas...which was a little odd-like soup, but not really-served with ham and crisp carrots-tasty, but odd. Then on to the applewood smoked duck breast-juicy, with very good fried spaetzle (rich) and a special of mahi mahi served with an excellent cous-cous. We were too full for dessert.
          Because we had eaten lunch at Cottage Restaurant in Plainville. My wife had the strawberry and mesculin salad, which was good (for salad) and I had the fried oysters-there were quite a few, for a starter. And then the lamb sausage with chick pea cake and eggplant--this was very lamb-y, so only get it if you like lamb-and all the other elements were delicious. And gnocchi with pine nut pesto cream sauce. Did we stop there? We should have, but were enjoying ourselves, so we had the crispy apple and coconut ice-cream dessert, that did us in...all in a very relaxed spot-very convenient to the New Britain museum, by the way...I know I found this here from another chow, so thanks for that tip.
          And last--yes, alas, the Bee & Thistle has changed. They offer light foods on Thursday and Friday (snack type) and one seating on Saturday night for $65-they were serving in the little crowded area by the kitchen when we walked in from our Du Village meal-not on the spacious porch. And if you are still expecting those great breakfast treats if you stay there-forget it. I woke up Saturday morning thinking pancakes...well, I got a buffet of granola, fruit, slightly stale poppy cake, cold hard-boiled eggs and sliced ham. If I wanted a buffet I could have stayed at the Days Inn. Ah, I long for the old days. We've been stopping there for many years, but I'm afraid it's over between us.

          1. if you want another food adventure up there head for Sankow's Beaver Brook Farm in (East?) Lyme: great cheese, lamb and wool. Also Falls Brook Organic farmstand on Sterling City Rd.