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Apr 26, 2008 03:14 PM

Israeli Restaurant & Falafel

Will be in NY for a few days in May. Would love some recommendations on what may be my best options for an Israeli restaurant as well as the best falafel in Manhatten.
Appreciate the help.

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  1. I would heartily endorse Azuri Cafe--51st St between 9th and 10th Ave.

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    1. re: 10yrresident

      i'd second azuri for manhattan's best falafel....really outstanding. for overall israeli dining experiences, you might be better off looking to the outer boroughs, especially brooklyn, maybe consider posting on the outer boro board?

      1. re: 10yrresident

        Another strong vote for Azuri. Great schwarma as well.

      2. Agree with the Azuri Cafe for falafel. I also like Taim in the West Village, especially for their fries with saffron aoili. For a slightly nicer ambiance, you've got Olympic Pita in midtown. Falafel is OK, but I love their laffa bread.

        1. For falafel I love Taim in the west village [waverly place & 7th avenue]. It's a 'hole in the wall' but excellent food. Enjoy!

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          1. re: maxandcoco

            YUMMY SCHWARMA is pretty darn good too.

            1. re: mrnyc

              Yummy might be closed, according to menupages but I'll double check today as I live around the corner.

              1. re: villager21

                Did anyone find out the status of Yummy? I really hope they didn't close! They were one of my faves.

                1. re: Mel loves food

                  I won't be home until later this evening (sigh), but i'll be sure to report back if no one gets to it before me

            2. re: maxandcoco

              Yes, I love Taim! Also, Bite (on Bleecker/Lafayette and 14 St./3 Ave.) has a good vegan middle eastern sandwich (kind of like a banh mi) and a fried eggplant sandwich.

            3. You might also try Humus Place. There are three locations, I'm aware of, but the original in the East Village also happens to be across the street from an Israeli grocery store.

              Hoomoos Asli on Kenmare and Lafayette has good falafel too. There's probably better out there, but these two places are convenient options if you end up downtown.

              1. I second Taim in the West Village...three types of falafel, the one made with harissa is excellent and my personal favorite. They glaze their pita with zaatar, and also have excellent drinks and smoothies, especially the Ginger Mint Lemonade, garnished, of course, with nana (mint).