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Apr 26, 2008 03:09 PM

Best Chain restaurant in Twin Cites [Moved from Midwest Board]

let me start a thread that will undoubtedly ruffle some thread-- What is the best chain restaurant with locations in the Twin Cities. (and to be clear, let's define chain restaurant as any restaurant with more than 10 locations (though all don't need to be in the twin cities).


Here is my initial list.

- Redstone
- Capital Grille
- Fogo de Chao
- Biaggi's

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  1. Wow, I didn't know Redstone had more than 10 locations.

    I really tend to stay away from chains, as I am sure most 'hounds do. That being said, I would add Chipotle to the list. Does Big Bowl have more than 10 locations? If so, then I would add that as well. Oh, and Oceannaire-- that now has lots of locations.

    1. I'm just curious what's the point/objective? Seems like we'll end up with a list of a ton of restaurants that have nothing to do with one another which really doesn't lend to finding good chow. (By the way, I also had no idea Redstone had 10+ locations). If there's some source of intrigue for "best of chains", let me know and I'll jump in and contribute but I'm not sure why anyone would want to know my favorite chain places if they have a far superior counterpart that's not a chain.

      1. White Castle. No independent counterpart as far as I know.

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          tvdxer, JT's on South Robert Street. Sliders and onions, cooking under towels to steam. Good, independent counterpart to White Castle.

          Grab one of MSP's best donuts and/or apple fritters at Granny Donuts just up the street and you've got yourself an excellent lunch.

        2. Was just in Mpls last week. My hotel was near a Culvers. Never been to one. I was on my own and it was getting late to head downtown for dinner so I tried it. Best $5.79 burger (butterburger) I've had at any chain. So I guess the question begs, what do you mean by "best"? I was very satisfied for the price, which I can't say for experiences at Fogo or CG (not familiar with the others).

          Custard was pretty good too!