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Apr 26, 2008 02:34 PM

MSP: Best place for Onion Rings?

Any suggestions for above average battered onion rings in the Twin Cities - particularly SW/West Metro/SLP/Uptown?

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  1. They were a garnish with the happy hour pot roast sandwiches at Sunsets in Wayzata. Shoe string crispy fried onions with a nice tabasco kick. Not the classic battered rings, but amazing. I think you can get a full order of them.

    1. I've always been partial to Porkys.... St. Paul or NE Mpls.

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        Thanks for the suggestions - will add them to my list. I gave the Edina Grill a try yesterday and ordered the Onion Strings. The homeade Chipotle Ketchup was outstanding, and the strings were pretty good. My gold standard for onion strings is Red Hot and Blue (a south and east coast BBQ chain), which makes an onion loaf which is to die for (and probably to die of if eaten too frequently) Still, I think I prefer the lightly battered rings, but at least this did the job until next time!

      2. Hands down Axel's River Grille. We call them "donuts." The onions are soaked in buttermilk - super sweet and tender. The batter is crunchy and tasy. Ask for a side of horseradish cream - the perfect sauce! Note: they are so huge, they will not serve a full order to a table of two!!!

        1. I haven't had the other suggestions on the list, but I really love the onion rings at Psycho Suzi's and at Town Talk Diner.

          1. I used to like the rings at McCoy's Public House in SLP a good deal. Comes with a kung-pow ketchup (I would presume it was ketchup and chili paste or something). Red onions. Haven't been there in like 2 years however, they may have changed.

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              I have tried the rings at McCoy's and agree they were quite good. I found the rest of the meal disappointing, so I haven't been back.