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Apr 26, 2008 02:11 PM

Miniature Hamburger Buns

Does anyone know of a source for mini hamburger buns in north Jersey. I need 150 or so for a party this week. Looking for nsomething about 2" in diameter. Thanks.

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  1. You can usually find packaged dinner rolls that work well for this purpose.

    1. I just made some "sliders" the other day and used "martins" potato mini hamburger buns (that i bought at stop n shop)........but since you need 150 of them, going to the grocery store to pick them up might not be your best option.........

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        southlake is 100% right, but order ahead because stop &shop runs out.make sure you cut them and keep them tightly covered because they dry out fast.
        the thing about sliders is the whole melt in your mouth feeling.

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          Southlake's hamburger recipe has been split to the Home Cooking board. You can find it here:


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            This is probably not very convenient for you, but I would suggest checking out a place such as the JJ Cassone bakery outlet on Regent St. in Port Chester or Neri's bakery outlet on Pearl St. in Port Chester. Both have very good prices for bread (10 Kaiser rolls for $1?) and maybe your volume would work in your favor at these kind of places.