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Apr 26, 2008 01:29 PM

Bakery Near Millennium Park/Art Museum

I love to stop mid-morning (and mid-afternoon!) for a good pastry and coffee - but only while on vacation. I'll be in town next week and will be spending part of one day in the area of Art Museum and Millennium Park. Any suggestions for good bakeries, where I could find great snack, great coffee, and a place to sit down. Thanks.

Also, any thoughts for comparable places along Michigan Ave, toward Water Tower Place?

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  1. Your request for bakeries near the Art Museum has me stumped. There is a Corner Bakery on the corner of Wabash and Monroe, which is just a block away, but it's a very mediocre local chain. If you really need a fix, they do sell pastries.

    In the north Michigan Ave area, however, you should go to Fox and Obel, which is at 401 East Illinois. Fox and Obel is the area's best gourmet store, and they have a terrific bakery, and a small in house place to eat. Illinois street crosses Michigan Ave. about halfway between the Art Institute and Water Tower, and Fox and Obel is about 5 or 6 blocks east of Michigan Ave.

    1. Back in the "old" days, I would have gone to Marshall Fields for a snack, either in the Walnut Room or in the basement Marketplace, depending on my budget. Has anyone been to Macy's restaurants? Otherwise, the Atwood has some nice goodies in a beautiful setting.

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        Within Macy's, on the ground floor, there is now a bakery called Sarah's Pastries. I have only had a cupcake of theirs, but it was really good. There is a Starbucks right there for the coffee.

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          I second Sarah's (although I prefer the Oak Street location since I don't like to give my $$ to Macy's).

          The toffee cookies dipped in dark chocolate are terrific.

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            If I recall correctly, the small Sarah's space inside Macy's is carry-out only.

        2. Your coffee fix can be handled at Intelligentsia (53rd E. Randolph), and they do have pastries brought in. There's also an outlet in the Monandock Building (on weekdays only) altho that's not as comfortable for lounging. Fox & Obel is good, but a bit of a walk from AI.