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Apr 26, 2008 01:00 PM

Know a great caterer?

It's that mad busy season, and here we are trying to throw a casual Saturday lunch party for daughter's graduation -- no way we have time to do it ourselves. Any suggestions on a good caterer who can deliver to our N. Cambridge home? I was thinking of asking Vicki Lee in Belmont, just off the top of my head. We're looking at about 30-40 people; my kitchen will be too small with a houseful of guests to actually cook in so food will need to be prepared off premises.

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  1. Marie Mulhern, right here in Cambridge; used to cook at Upstairs at the Pudding. Very good, definitely reasonable for the quality.

    1. I am a big fan of Basil Tree in Somerville. The selection and quality of the food was phenomenal. They also bent over backwards to accommodate a "Green Party" we were having by providing all 100% post-consumer recycled or bamboo plates and utensils.

      1. I used Vikki Lee many times when she was in Needham. Unlike many caterers, she gave you her prices up front in a fashion that you could understand, the food was always terrific, she is easy to deal with and her help was very efficient. She is a real class act.

        1. Via Lago on Mass. Ave. in Lexington are vey good, I have used them many times.