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Apr 26, 2008 12:42 PM

Baltimore's La Cazuela and Rinconcito Peruano

About I year ago my Fiance and I tried La Cazuela on Eastern Ave and found the food to be very good and it was an excellent value - not to mention that our server was very attentive. I would not have even known about La Cazuela if it were not for the many recomendations from this board. It seems that Rinconcito Peruano seems to have lots of fans on the Chowhund board. We will have to check them out soon. Is Rinconcito Peruano similar to La Cazuela in many/any ways? I noticed that the Chowhounds had an outting at Rinconcito Peruano, but I'm never around during the week to attend them.

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  1. I haven't eaten at La Cazuela, but just looking at it while walking by, Rinconcito Peruano is much more downscale. It's a very, very modest little ethnic joint. I'm a big fan. I won't copy it here since it's a monster post, but here's a bunch of photos:

    1. I can concur with Dmnkly. I've been to both. You'll find that La Cazuela has a nicer ambience--cozier and warmer. La Cazuela has a bigger menu, from what I remember. The service is great at both, though. Very friendly and attentive. You'll definitely like Rinconcito Peruano, but it is distinctly different.

      1. I'm also on board with Dmnkly. Rinconcito Puerano is a gem -- a completely satisfying place with incredible food. It's one of my top places in town. Whatever you order, the chica morada is a necessary accompaniment. If you're there with a dining partner dont' even bother ordering it by the glass, just get a pitcher. If you don't you'll wish you had.

        The one minor quibble I have is that while i find the anticucho delicious, it would work better for me as an appetizer than an entree -- the texture starts to bother me while working through a whole plate of the stuff, while an app sized portion would be perfect. And don't stick with the chicken -- there's so much more. The ceviche is one of my favorite dishes at any restaurant, period.

        I can't recommend this place highly enough.

        1. Is Rinconcito Peruano more of a "hole in the wall" then Fiesta Mexicano out in Rosedale?

          BTW, Is "hole in the wall" an insult? I hope it's not. I just use that expression to mean very small.

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            Rinconcito Peruano is a hole in the wall, but not in the sense it's small. The inside is surprisingly spacious. It's more that it's just a family-run business, with friendly service to go along with it, and the atmosphere is basic - not dirty, not run down, just basic.

            Get the ceviche -- in my opinion, the best thing on the menu (along with the chica morado Jon mentions). A sizable portion of fresh, very very flavorful fish with large corn kernels and the traditional Peruvian accompaniment of sweet potatoes.

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