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Apr 26, 2008 11:55 AM

Pho in Baltimore

I'm going to head to Pho Dat Than in Columbia for lunch sometime soon and I've only been to a restaurant with Pho once before. Is a bowl of Pho a meal in itself for most people or do you usually order an appetizer or another dish to go along with it? Is there usually a "large pho" and small or medium pho? Sorry if my questions seem dumb.

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  1. For most people I know pho, especially for lunch, is a satisfying meal in itself. Sometimes I'll order a spring roll for appetizer if I'm in the mood, but it's definitely not meant to help fill me up. I've found that a large number of places do have two sizes of pho, large and small (or some places call the small as their 'regular' size). Then again, I remember a few places in Rockville which are one size only. You'll be presented with a number of options of pho which vary on want types of meat they have in the soup. Usually, the combo options are your best bet.

    Also of note: unless recently changed, I remember hearing that the service at Pho Dat Thanh is pretty rough, particularly to non-Asians (or so the story goes). Hopefully, if that's true for your visit, you can block it out and try to enjoy the meal.

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      I am not Asian and have never had a problem with the service at Pho Dat Thanh. I personally dont care for their pho but I love most of their entrees so go there for other types of Vietnamese food and stick to Catonsville for pho.

    2. I went to Pho #1 for lunch yesterday and for the first time ordered the egg roll for an appetizer...the small one. I got the large pho which is what they bring if you don't specify...I have literally half of the pho left for lunch today!

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        pho dat thanh is my first choice for pho within driving distance of baltimore, and the fact that so many asian people eat there suggests some degree of authenticity.