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Apr 26, 2008 11:31 AM

Dinner for a group in Seattle in June

We will be traveling to Seattle in June for our son's medical school graduation. We want to gather the family the night before graduation (a Friday night) for a nice dinner. There will be about 15 or 20 adults in the group. Some of the family members are not familiar with Seattle, so I would like to find a spot with a view of the water. Salty's and Ray's comes to mind, but I know there are other spots that would fit our parameters. A private room would be nice, but not if it doesn't have a view. Any suggestions? Thanks.

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  1. I think Pallisades has a private room with a view. Waterfront would be another suggestion.

    1. I would recommend the Waterfront Seafood Grill downtown if you want a private room -- they have one right on the water. They have outstanding food, wine, and views. It is somewhat expensive. Ray's is also one of my favorite places and you cannot go wrong there. I'm not sure about a private room, though. I have only eaten at Salty's once and I was really underwhelmed with the food. I have never been back. The food is truly mediocre. I have also had nice meals in a private room at Palisades so I agree with firecracker on that.

      1. Champagne restaurant in the Pike Place Market has private rooms, and everyone can tour the market and/or the art museum before dinner

        1. I have tried several of the suggestions. Thanks to all. I ended up reserving a spot at Salty's for 12-15 people. Ray's won't seat more than 10 people during the summer. Waterfront Grill and Palisades have private rooms for that size, but have a $2500 food/drink minimum pluse $250 room use fee. I have eaten at Salty's many times before, and consider the food better than mediocre, though not in the same league as some of the other great Seattle restaurants. However, the water and city view is great at Salty's, and I am sure the out-of-town people will love it. Easy to park, and they will work with separate checks. It seemed like the best place to reserve for this diverse group. Graduation is the next morning at 10am (what was the medical school thinking?), so there will not be alot of late night eating and drinking. Thanks for all the suggestions!