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Apr 26, 2008 11:25 AM

Kensington High Street [London] group of 9

Leaving for airport in 30 minutes... we are a group of nine, with completely different likes and dislikes. I love top chefs and the top tables in a beautiful city like London, BUT my traveling companions are NOT foodies.

Any good quality 20E per entree restaurants I can count on near Copthorne Tara near High Street for our group. How about a quick short list.

I reserved two smaller tables at Zaika on our first night but am second guessing myself. All everyone in our group talks about is Fish and Chips.

Help! I am doomed to mediocre food on this trip unless someone can help me and do it fast... lol.

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  1. Kensington Place might not be a bad place to try. I had a fairly good meal there about 3 years ago but can't vouch for it's present state of affairs. It's not overly priced (for London) and it's in the neighborhood.

    If you do fish and chips, at least go to one of the better spots... The Golden Hind or Masterfish are very popular on this board. You don't have to feel doomed to mediocre food.. there are good spots all over the place.

    1. If you want variety you could go to Whole Foods Market on HSK.
      They have a number of different food venues on the 1st floor including oyster bar, tapas, pizza and burrito bars, its not fine dining but good fresh food with plenty of variety.