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Apr 26, 2008 11:09 AM

Dining in Seattle without a car!

My hubby and I have visited Seattle many a time, but this is the first time we have stayed out of the downtown or Belltown area. We are staying on Capitol Hill. We want to go to some of the following: Tilth, Joule, Quinns [nearby] Sitka and Spruce and How to Cook a Wolf. How difficult would these be to get to via bus- which we have always done- or ,if we have to, taxi? I know our B&B hosts can probably help us, but my restaurant planning will revolve around if we can get to these places without riding too many buses!. I do have others in mind too that may be easier to get to on public transportation, but these places are on the top of my list. Please advise.

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  1. zinfanatic -- the metro bus service has a trip planner that you can use to figure this out. find at

    glad you keep coming back to seattle!

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      Don't fear the bus system. Most of the downtown core is a "ride free" area. Your options are vast in this zone.

    2. All of these are very close mileage-wise to Cap Hill, but because Seattle's bus system uses a hub-and-spoke system, it'll require a wait and a transfer to get to all of these except Quinn's. There is indeed a great online bus trip planner that zoogrrrl embedded that will let you know whether the timing on the transfers will be worth it. Otherwise, none of these places should be more than a 15 or 20 minute cab ride. Bear in mind, though, that in Seattle, you have to call a cab--you can't hail them on the street.

      1. I figure you'd probably rent a car if you wanted to, so this might not be helpful. But, I do Zipcar instead of a taxi. They're all over Seattle and rather convenient. I use them when I have to go downtown or the mall, so I don't have to risk getting my car damaged. Gas, insurance included in the $9.50/hr price. Much cheaper than a taxi and you can rent them all day if you need to.

        1. I use the bus almost exclusively, and while it's daunting at first to figure it all out, it is easily do-able with the places you mentioned. Definitley check out the Trip Planner online that someone linked to.
          Cabs are also very do-able to these locations and will probably run you $15-20 a pop from Capitol hill.
          One tip - the last bus routes are at about midnight or soonafter, so plan accordingly. (Not sure if you're doing the late-night thing or not). My plan is always bus there, cab home.
          You've made some great choices - you will love Tilth and Joule. Haven't been to HTCAW but Tavolata (it's sister restaurant) is great too.

          1. The bus system is pretty easy to navigate. This is a 24/hour number you can call to get help: 206-553-3000. Just tell the live operator where you are, and where you wanna be, and they'll hook you up.

            Also, Erica L, you can definitely hail cabs in Seattle. I do it every weekend.