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Apr 26, 2008 11:08 AM

Where to find fresh pistachios?

I went to the Ferry Building Market this morning to get my pistachio fix when I found that they are no more. The lady at the stand that sells almonds and walnuts said that she had been bringing in the pistachios from a neighboring farm and the market rules say that she can only sell what they produce themselves. I can understand this but I am now severely pistachio-deprived, Any suggestions? I am willing to drive up to 1.5 hours(one way) if necessary.

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  1. Happy Nuts Farm at the Berkeley farmers market (10-3 today) has great pistachios, including unripe ones in season, if that's what you mean by "fresh." (Harvest for mature nuts is roughly September-November.) Article about Happy Nuts:

    Those rules come from the state Certified Farmers Market Program. Certification ensures that you're buying direct from farmers and that they don't have to compete with resellers or out-of-state products.

    1. I've gotten fresh pistachios in my last few CSA boxes (Capay/Farm Fresh to You). You may want to inquire at their SF Ferry Building store.

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      1. Did you ask that vendor if they sold at other farmers markets? Very few sell only at Ferry Plaza. One of the FP nut vendors sells at the Civic Center farmers markets and another sells at Oakland markets. Not sure if it was either of those vendors or another.

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          If they don't grow pistachios, they can't sell them at any certified farmers market.

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            There is a much-hated vendor that was booted from Ferry Plaza that does just that. There are some markets that don't care. Also, some of the vendors sell at markets that are not certified. Never hurts to ask.

        2. There's a lady who sells only pistachios at the Alemany market. I don't know if she's there every time, and she likes to pack up and leave by 11 AM when I have seen her on Saturdays. I chatted her up once, and she said she has the oldest pistachio orchard in California, and mentioned that there are tons of new pistachio orchards that will be coming into production soon.