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Apr 26, 2008 10:43 AM

Meat and Vegan menu options

Are there any restaurants in Bk or Manhattan that has vegan and meat options? Everything seems to be vegan only or not at all. I'm dating a very picky vegan and I'm tired of going to get Indian and Thai food so that I can get a seafood/chicken. Any suggestions?

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  1. The only place that I know has both on the menu is The green table

    Burgers, lamb, and a vegan entree

    1. I hear Broadway East has both covered; apparently a cute place for a date too.

      1. What about Middle Eastern food? There are lots of vegan options available--maybe that would be a nice change for you. Grammercy Tavern has a nice vegetarian tasting menu, and Japanese food is a safe bet for a vegan.

        1. Oh! Also, Siggy's Good Foor in Brooklyn Heights. Lovely vegan food, plus chicken, seafood, and beef on the menu. It's a great little place for dinner and brunch.

          1. Ah yes, my good friend is vegan so we often have this dilemma.

            Westville has vegan options and plenty of meat - casual American food.

            the General Greene in Fort Greene has vegan options, plus you can go to Red Bamboo across the street for a vegan dessert.

            Alma in Red Hook is a great date spot, and just let them know and they will modify dishes to make them vegan.

            Ki Sushi on Smith St is also pretty and they make an awesome Warm Mushroom Salad and interesting veggie rolls.

            Ghenet on 4th Ave. in Park Slope also is a great choice (they have a Manhattan location too, but haven't been). Nice looking place and their vegan dishes are delicious. I also liked their steak tartare appetizer.

            And I agree Middle Eastern/Mediterranean is a great choice for both diets. You can find plenty of stuff to eat in both low end and high end environments. Beyoglu, on the UES is a cute place for a date, I haven't been to any other fancy places lately so I couldn't tell you any better restaurants, though I'm sure they are out there. Check out all the cafes on Atlantic Ave offerings for cheap, tasty Middle Eastern meals from all different countries in the region.