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Apr 26, 2008 10:39 AM

Are maple leaves edible?

Anyone ever eaten these? I'm thinking of trying them stuffed, but I don't want to kill anybody.

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  1. been raking? ;)

    try this ... (I can't comment on the reliability of the site)

    1. I would stick with grape leaves or cabbage, unless you are feeding goats.

        1. re: lgss

          Interesting. If we can trade leaves for oil, that's good capitalism. I have youthful memories of drinking a scoop of the cold maple sap, before the syrup boil. I always thought the sap was a worthy beverage in it's own right.

        2. the other thing with you'd have to make very sure that you were using untreated, unsprayed leaves from trees no?

          1. Good for caterpillers. I wouldn't bother feeding them to humans.