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A Nice Mother's Day Brunch? L.A. to the Westside - Help

Hi All,

I need some help on a nice place for Brunch for Mother's Day this year. I've been to the Ritz-Carlton San Marino before and it was a nice presentation / setting, but this year it's gone up to $90 per person (before tax/tip), and I'd like to just try a new place.

I'm open to any nice location from Pasadena down to Downtown L.A., to the Westside / Santa Monica.

I was going to try Hatfields or Grace, but alas, both are not open for Brunch on Sunday. :(

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)

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  1. You might be interested in the post I put up yesterday on this very subject:


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      Hi Servorg,

      Thanks. :) I saw your post on that and it's a great deal. It's just that my mother isn't a big Morton's fan, so I wanted to see if there were any other suggestions. Thanks.

    2. I just had Grace for dinner last weekend and it was nothing worth to write home about.

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          though not much cheaper (about 65 pp) you could try the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

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            Thanks recovering & jgomer! Very helpful.

        2. The Otani in J town has a wonderful buffet on Mother's day. Be sure to reserve ahead so as to have a nice table overlooking their lovely rooftop garden. I don't recall for how much but it was not for much. You might also make reserves at Roy's. They usually have a prix fixe for Mother's day.

          1. You need to try Jar. They do a fabulous job and is reasonable considering Suzanne`s food. Have gone for two years and absolutely love it. A plus is the wine list that allows you to explore the world and keep you within what ever price point you might have.

            1. Madres in Pasadena is serving Mother's Day brunch and it is a really room. I like the booths in the bar.

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                If I had children and they took me to Madres for Mother's Day (or any day for that matter) I'd disown them, on the spot.

              2. I really like the buffet brunch at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica... Also Lilly's, Joes, or Hals on Abbott Kinney are nice for something more simple.

                1. The Westin Pasadena serves brunch on Mother's Day.

                  1. Jar has an excellent brunch.

                    1. You cannot go wrong at Jar or Campanille

                      1. we're doing the W Hotel's Mother's Day Brunch this year, so i'll report back.

                        i Cugini is another nice mimosa brunch option.

                        1. Thanks again everyone!

                          Great suggestions (I'm sad I can't try them all :). I'll report back after Mother's Day.