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Apr 26, 2008 10:16 AM

A Nice Mother's Day Brunch? L.A. to the Westside - Help

Hi All,

I need some help on a nice place for Brunch for Mother's Day this year. I've been to the Ritz-Carlton San Marino before and it was a nice presentation / setting, but this year it's gone up to $90 per person (before tax/tip), and I'd like to just try a new place.

I'm open to any nice location from Pasadena down to Downtown L.A., to the Westside / Santa Monica.

I was going to try Hatfields or Grace, but alas, both are not open for Brunch on Sunday. :(

Thanks in advance for any suggestions! :)

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  1. You might be interested in the post I put up yesterday on this very subject:

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      Hi Servorg,

      Thanks. :) I saw your post on that and it's a great deal. It's just that my mother isn't a big Morton's fan, so I wanted to see if there were any other suggestions. Thanks.

    2. I just had Grace for dinner last weekend and it was nothing worth to write home about.

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          though not much cheaper (about 65 pp) you could try the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills.

          1. re: jgomer

            Thanks recovering & jgomer! Very helpful.

        2. The Otani in J town has a wonderful buffet on Mother's day. Be sure to reserve ahead so as to have a nice table overlooking their lovely rooftop garden. I don't recall for how much but it was not for much. You might also make reserves at Roy's. They usually have a prix fixe for Mother's day.

          1. You need to try Jar. They do a fabulous job and is reasonable considering Suzanne`s food. Have gone for two years and absolutely love it. A plus is the wine list that allows you to explore the world and keep you within what ever price point you might have.