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Aug 24, 2002 09:46 PM

Conda Veneta (sp??)

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I know I'm butchering the spelling of this restaurant's name, but several people have told me it's the best italian in LA, and I can't find it in Zagat's (probably because I clearly can't spell it).

Can anyone help me out? Any ordering suggestions would be appreciated, too...

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  1. You want Locanda Veneta on West 3d.

    1. 8638 West Third Street, Los Angeles, CA 90048
      Tel: (310) 274-1893
      Cuisine: Italian

      1. You should regard with suspicion the advice of anyone who told you that Laconda Veneta has the best Italian food in Los Angeles.

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        1. re: David Kahn

          OK, I'll bite (no chowhoundish pun intended)...What do you prefer to Laconda Veneta?

          I'm surprised you didn't like it--two completely different couples who don't know each other (but both fancy themselves foodies) told me it was the best in LA. I've been to Valentinos and Cafe Delfini and both were an utter disappointment....

          1. re: anynmous

            Were they a disappointment for the price, or just generally a disappointment? I have had quite a number of wonderful meals at Valentino. Drago is a better value for the money but that did not make the food any less enjoyable.

            1. re: Just Larry

              I think Valentino was such a disappointment to me because I'm from New York, and the italian restaurants I'm used to eating at (Babbo, Lupa, even cheap places like Pepe Rossa, Frank, Max, etc.) were so far superior. The food isn't bad, it just isn't exceptional. Then again, the food in New York can't compare to the food in Florence (Olivero, Cibreo, etc) so maybe I just need to let go and accept that it's the best I'll get here...

              1. re: anynmous

                Funny. I'm a New Yorker myself and I prefer Valentino to any of the NY places. I'm embarrassed to say this because it wins similar plaudits from moribund publications like Wine Spectator. Recently, however, I have preferred Angelini Osteria. And Alto Palato is also fine (and cheaper!).

                1. re: Lord Lipitor

                  What about my all time favorite in NY? , IL MULINO????????? I like Valentino alot too , but they are totally different. It doesn't get much better(Il Mulino) including Italy. I'll be there on Sat following Thanksgiving, yes resvs are 2-3 months out always, Daniel the next day, Danube the next, etc.

            2. re: anynmous

              While I like Laconda Veneta, I think Angelini Osteria has better Italian food. (Disclaimer: I've only been to each once). I am curious about Valentino, which I've yet to try.

              I'd love to hear which restaurant (one of these three, or another?) hounds think has the best Italian food.

              1. re: Megan

                Alto Palazo (but I've never been to Laconda Veneta, Angelini Osteria, or Valentino)

                1. re: Filmfreaketta

                  I agree, Alto Palato is the best value for the money for great Italian food of these choices.

              2. re: anynmous

                Angelini Osteria.

                1. re: clandestine

                  I've been to Laconda Veneta once, and was not impressed. The lobster bisque was so salty that we actually sent it back (and I am a salt-a-holic) which isn't something you want to do when you're paying those kinds of prices. I much prefer Valentinos- I've only been to the one in Vegas, and it is worth EVERY PENNY. The crab salad appetizer was a bed of soft, scrumptious crab meat on a layer of sauteed artichokes with a lemon and fig almost made me cry. And who can go wrong with a nice, thick Kobe beef steak? The service was the best I've ever had and the wine list is large than the phone book....

                  Here in LA I really love La Pergola in Sherman Oaks. They grow all their own vegetables and put them to good use- they make a beautiful ravioli filled with three kinds of squash, and the stuffed mushrooms are absolutely gorgeous- I only wish I could imitate it at home but I haven't even come close. The atmosphere isn't as poshy posh as a place like Locanda Veneta either, so it's easier to just have a nice, quiet dinner.

            3. Zagat gives Locanda Veneta a 25 for food which is the second highest rating for any Italian restaurant in southern California behind the much more expensive and upscale Valentino at 27.
              Having said that my wife and I prefer Locanda Veneta. Along with Chinois these are two of our favorites restarants and have been for almost ten years. There have been several visits where there was a miss but overall, from perhaps twenty visits in ten years, this is a wonderful, intimate restaurant that you will enjoy.