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Apr 26, 2008 09:45 AM

Great Coffee in Toronto?

Until I arrived in Toronto I was convinced that nothing could be worse than Starbucks. Now, having experienced Tim Hortons and Second Cup, I know that to be untrue.

What frustrates me, is that TH and SC could be so much better. But I watched the way their barristas pull a shot and its obvious that their training is negligible and the machines are running far too hot.

So far, the best I have had here is Manic on College, and their coffee is extremely good. Where else shall I try west of Yonge and south of Bloor?

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  1. Search the board, there are a lot of threads on this.

    Manic is widely thought to be the best shop in town. Most of the other worthwhile places are east of Yonge: Mercury, Dark Horse, Bulldog, Bisogno, maybe one or two others. Of those, Mercury tops the list for me. Those are all south of Bloor.

    West of Yonge is not as well developed, coffee-wise, other than Manic. There are: The Common, Ella's Uncle, Cherry Bomb, a few places in Kensington (I'm not a huge fan of any of these, although I like the vibe at the Common and the baked goods at Cherry Bomb and Ella's Uncle).

    One new place to put on the radar is Crema Coffee Co in the Junction @ Dundas & Quebec. It's only been open a week, but they seem to be doing things right. They have a Clover and are pulling shots on a Synesso (same setup as Manic). They're using coffee from 49th Parallel in Vancouver. I've been a couple of times now and I'm pretty satisfied. Certainly better than anything else west of Yonge except Manic, but maybe not up to the same level as Mercury (yet). Note though, that this is slightly north of Bloor, and pretty far west.


      1. Have browsed here a long time - first posting.... There is a new coffee shop on Eglinton between Bathurst and Allen Rd (n. side) called Coffeeholic. The owners are very nice and take coffee very seriously. They boast all kinds of certifications and drip brew fresh all different kinds of coffees.