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Loukoumi- greek in astoria

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Someone told me a fairly new greek restaurant on Ditmars Blvd named Loukoumi has great grilled fish . anyone else hear about it? can't even seem to find a website althou I do have the phone number chef is supposed to be someone named Costos from the Captains Table does that mean anything? thanks

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  1. i went the week after they opened... didnt have the grilled fish but everything we had was good. don't know anything about the chef thing though....

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      Loukoumi is worth a visit but it was not quite "great" when we went - generally underseasoned and overgrilled. However it was also about a week after the place opened and very crowded, so they might have worked out any opening kinks, and we didn't get a chance to try the small plates, which looked enticing. It's across from the shopping plaza on Ditmars around 43rd.