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Aug 24, 2002 01:45 PM

Taiko in Brentwood -- Taiko in Irvine: Related?

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Are these two restaurants part of a chain?

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  1. I don't know about the Irvine one, but Taiko is definitely in Brentwood and Manhattan Beach. I think it was started by someone who worked at Mishima in West LA. Great noodles and appetizers.

    1. Nope, these two places are totally different in food, price and decor. Taiko in Brentwood is a very typical "LA" joint, but I must admit that they have good udon and soba dishes. On a given night they might even have their special sashimi plate which is loaded with scallops, salmon and a lot of other good stuff! Now Taiko in Irvine is just one of my favorite sushi places because it's cheap and fresh. I recommend sitting at the bar because the sushi chefs are so friendly and they always serve the best quality fish. Be prepared to wait a great deal for these coveted seats. I've personally waited 2 and a half hours before the restaurant even opened to eat at the sushi bar. You'll see people with little folding chairs waiting for the doors to open, especially on weekends. Eating in the main dining area is great because you can order a lot of cooked dishes which they serve in huge proportions. I highly reccomend the special #5 (or is it #4? Can't quite remember but it's on their appetizer list.) It's to die for! I wouldn't ever just go there for their hot dishes, but along with the great sushi, ordering the sesame chicken or tempura is a great accompaniment. Well I hoped that helped! Have fun trying both places out.