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Bachelorette party..suggestions eat then drink?

My wife is organizing her sister's bachelorette. The group is in their early 30s, most from out of town.

They want a nice trendy (but unpretentious) place for cocktails and dinner. Not picky eaters, for the most part. Maybe dishes for sharing. Please no JKWB suggestion. Haven't been to a few on Queen West (Czehoski, Nyood, Drake)...are they good?

Afterwards, looking for a bar to dance and drink, but not some Richmond St. type hardcore club.

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  1. I'd suggest Colborne Lane. The communal table would be good for a group, and while it's not strictly small plates, they are more than happpy to bring extra plates for sharing. The dishes themselves are conversation inducing. I've enjoyed the beef carpaccio, freeze dried and popcorn soup, duck confit, Black Cod, (fantastic), and the liquid nitrogen icecream.

    After dinner, the group could walk over to Pravda Vodka Bar. It's not the typical 19-25 year old crowd. Most people in their 30s. The D.J. spins mainly house music on weekends.

    1. Was recently at Milagro Restaurant. Great Mexican with small plates for sharing or larger dishes. Good line of margaritas including a cucumber and watermelon one. Noticed a good number of 'girl groups' there when I was. Not a place to end the night, but certainly a place to start it. www.milagrorestaurant.com

      5 Mercer St, Toronto, ON M5V1H2, CA

      1. I went to a Bachelorette at Julie's Cuban once, and found it to be a great choice -- good food (suitable for sharing) and drinks and a fun atmosphere. It's small though, so if it's a big Bachelorette it might not be suitable.

        1. Personally I think the Drake is a fairly safe choice for a night out in Toronto (I think the food is ok, not super exciting). She may want to check the listings to find out what's going on the night they want to go, as events there, in my limited experience, vary from good general dance-party kind of nights to theme nights/shows for specific tastes.

          What about tapas at Torito in Kensington Market for dinner? Supermarket is nearby for dancing/drinking (food too, but I've never eaten there), I'd consider it fairly trendy-yet-unpretentious for a dance floor atmosphere though, in the 3 or 4 times I've been. Maybe a step downscale from the Drake (others may disagree
          ?). There are also options down College, but I'll leave those for others to suggest...

          1. Eat or nibble? How much do you want to spend?

            1. Nyood (Queen & Dovercourt) for dinner (small plates style) is great. The bar is a really "happening place" starting after about 9.30 or so at Nyood as well. But obviously no dancing

              I second Pravda Vodka Bar (Wellington St E nr Church) as a club scene for after dinner, but it is well east of Nyood

              Or, if they decide on Pravda, Kultura (by the same people as Nyood) has a tapas style menu and is at King E and reasonably close to Pravda

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                How about Laide, followed by Pravda or Courthouse? Laide has tasty small plates, with mostly comfort food items. Each bar plays top 40, but Pravda has been cramming them in like sardines these last few months. I'd consider Courthouse because it's a wonderful space, and shouldn't be too busy, although not the hippest place in town by any means.

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                  Thanks for all the replies. It's not for a while yet, so additional insight is still welcome. The Torito suggestion is a good one....forgot about that place.

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                    I was at Laide while a bachelorette party was there. The ladies appeared to be having a great time, and the staff at Laide appeared to be ensuring they did!

              2. Restaurant: Harbord Room, Nyood, Foxley or Rosebud (last two may not be able to accomodate large groups)

                Bar: Tattoo seems to be hot right now, Wrongbar is amazing but skews younger than early 30's, Levack Block, The Social or the Drake, but avoid this last one on Saturdays

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                  Supermarket in Kensington has music and a small dance floor, and is far from the richmond st. scene. They serve dinner beforehand - if not there is a great variety to choose from in the area - torito is great for sharing food. Also to consider for the bar part of the night is grace o'mailleys. It usually hosts a cover band, and a dj plays music inbetween. Its a fun, laid-back scene, and the crowd is usually a mix of the young and old.