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Apr 26, 2008 06:30 AM

Gitlo's daikon cake with xo sauce - did i miss something?

i had dim sum for dinner last night at gitlo's and ordered my beloved daikon cake with xo sauce. instead of the deliciously spicy, moist, pan fried daikon cake, out came what looked like quickly deep fried cubes daikon with fried bits of xo sauce on top. it wasn't *bad*, but it totally wasn't what i was expecting. granted, i haven't ordered it in a while (a month, a couple of months maybe?), so i'm not sure if they completely changed their recipe.

has anyone else had this?

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  1. They changed the preparation because people wanted it more crispy. I suspect you can still specify the old cooking method.

    1. I was there on Friday night and had the daikon "cubes" -- I happen to love them, but then again, I've never had the original version you mention. Did you ask Gitlo about the change in recipe?

      1. the way you describe it is the way i've always got it. but then again i always asked for it 'xtra crispy.'

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          Just curious and a bit off topic, have they ironed out all of their service issues and/or have the crowds died down?

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            i haven't been in the few weeks that have elapsed since i got shut out on a Saturday afternoon.

            i'll just stick to my previous plan, mid-day drinks at Deep Ellum then snacks at Gitlo's around 3pm.

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              Allstonian and I ate there with a party of seven (much of our dim sum crowd, including two friends from DC who are often in town for business) a few weeks ago. There was another party of six, two deuces and a couple of people ordering takeout and it all appeared to be moving smoothly. Especially considering the amount of food we were consuming, I thought they did an outstanding job of keeping the dishes coming.

              We meant to post about this night, just because we found it so charming. After eating ourselves senseless at Gitlo's, a call for sweets was made and several of us ended up at the Fun Food Snackery eating ices and the like. As we were walking our friends back to their car, which was parked off Packards Corner, I pointed at Yi Soon Bakery and mentioned their Angel Light Bun, a big soft bun filled with cream cheese and raisins. Matt, who tends to treat his trips to Boston much as a camel does a visit to an oasis, immediately detoured the group into Yi Soon and bought the last Angel Light Bun, which he ate while walking down Brighton Ave, exclaiming over how good it was. As we passed by the Super 88 food court, he looked inside and said, "Bubble tea! I've never had bubble tea!" So on top of a mountain of Gitlo's dim sum, a mango ice cream from Fun Food Snackery, and an Angel Light Bun from Yi Soon, Matt walks into the Super 88 food court and orders a Thai iced bubble tea from Lollicup. Large.

              Now, I am what my Aunt Loretta once termed a Big Hungry Boy. But I cannot imagine consuming this much food in the space of six blocks. It was truly something to behold.