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Kingston Station

A friend lives down the street from Kingston Station and last night, before heading out for the evening we stopped in for a quick drink. At 7:30 it was not crowded -- there were a few people at the bar and not many eating at tables. Not sure if they get a later crowd, as we never made it back later on. The drinks were pretty good and the service was fast and efficient. I can't attest much to the food, we only tried the truffle fries. They were excellent. Very thick fries, unlike the really thin ones you find elsewhere and not at all soggy. They came with a really good aioli. Overall, it was a great little find. It may not be fantastic, but for a place to go for a quick drink or a quick bite to eat, it was not bad at all.

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  1. I really like it there. I usually go at lunch so I can't speak how the dinner service is. I have found the food, drinks and wait staff all to be great and haven't had a bad meal in the four or five times I have been there.

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      I like the staff as well. The head bartender worked at Johnny D's for years. Not sure if he's still there. I've met the owner, Ky, a few times. He's super nice. As for the food, it's good, not great, but definitely $ for what it actually is.

    2. It's a typical Fanueil Hall meat market scene on weekend nights, a lot of very drunk young adults looking for short-term romance, so I had very low expectations for the food, but it is surprisingly good. I got a great prime flank steak frites for about $18. Decent not great bartending, some fair plonky wines. I hope to try it again sometime on a weeknight.

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        i was there on a saturday night at 11 and it was dead... maybe i was there on a slow night?

        fries are great! and i love the grapefruit martinis.

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          Maybe the crowds are college kids, hence home for the summer or moved on.

          Also, a correction: the late-night $18 steak frites is prime skirt, not flank. I don't think I've seen many prime-grade versions of more modest cuts like that. A good deal.

        2. I went to Kingston Station a couple of Friday nights ago, and I had a fantastic meal. The Shrimp Scampi with Israeli couscous was out of this world, and the Steak Frites is one of the top 2 I have ever had (and very reasonably priced at $24 for a huge portion!) I don't usually like Salmon and would never order it out, but I was convinced and so happy I did. It was a nice thick fillet cooked to perfection, and the lime risotto that accompanied it was beyond delicious. Drinks were also great, specially the blood orange margarita and FIdel Castro!
          I plan on returning in the very near future, and I am definitely trying the truffled frites appetizer next time!

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            > the Steak Frites is one of the top 2 I have ever had

            Drop some knowledge: what's the other one?

            Those truffled frites are wicked tasty.

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              The tuna tartar is also really tasty, served with homemade potato chips - a surprisingly great combo

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                I love the Fidel Castro. Its a great drink!

              2. Ate here last night with a friend. We walked in around 7 and the bar was packed and LOUD. Luckily the dining room was quieter. Service was a little slow but my friend and I were busy talking so we didn't really notice it. I had a nice Pinot Grigio (didn't catch the name) served in an interesting little juice type glass. The bread basket had 3 rolls: two sweet onion rolls and one plain. Roll was warm, soft and served with some great butter. We both ordered the panko crusted haddock served over mashed potatoes with green beans and roasted tomatoes. Haddock was fresh with nice flavor. Potatoes were good but not amazing. Green beans and roasted tomatoes were great. I'll definitely be back.

                1. We ate there a couple of weeks ago for dinner on a Thursday. The dining room was perhaps 1/2 full, and this was around 8pm. Husband had shrimp scampi on a bed of couscous; I had roasted salmon w/lemon risotto. Both were delicious. We also shared an order of the truffle frites, which was so dangerously good and addictive!

                  Prices are really good for the food they serve, so we'll also be back again!

                  1. I live around the corner so I love going there for the steak frites, also tuna tartare. Although sometimes if the weather's too humid the homemade chips served with the tuna aren't as crisp so instead I opt for side of fries w/truffle mayo instead.

                    The bartender's name is Eric and not only does he make a tasty sazarac, but he's a great guy too. Last night while I was waiting at the crowded bar for a friend to show up, Eric introduced me to a fun fellow patron so I'd have someone to chat with. Very kind. Ryan at No 9 Park has that same instinct for hospitality and you never forget it.

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                      Alas, Ryan at No 9 is no more. :'( He has left our fair city to open up his own place in Manhattan. A true loss for No. 9 Park. (A gain for NYC.)

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                        Alcachofa! Say it aint so! I am bummed. Has he already left? If so...road trip to NYC!! Do you know name of his new place?

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                          I don't know if it is named yet, and it is definitely not opened yet. A road trip will definitely be in order.

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                            Oh, that's too bad (but good for him). We were hoping to see him at No 9 in a couple of weeks. Be sure to keep us updated!

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                        I second the sazerac recommendation, though if you're not a big absinthe fan I'd ask them to go light on it.

                        Does anyone know the details of their "happy hour" appetizer specials (e.g., exact hours, days, prices)? I went once, but strangely enough, I can't remember...

                        Also, can one get the $18 steak frites off the late night menu earlier than 9 or 10, when that menu comes into force?

                      3. Their pink grapefruit martinis put Mistral's to shame.

                        Fries are amazing.

                        1. Anyone been here lately and if so, any particular dishes you would recommend? I am thinking of going there for a bite to eat this evening...

                          My experiences here for lunch have been solid, but I have never had dinner.

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                            Truffle fries with gruyere melted on top are amazing. I liked both their regular and tuna burgers.

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                              I am a fan of their burger with the fried egg on top. and oh yes the fries....

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                                I had eaten the burger a few times there and liked it a lot, so this time wanted to try something different. We ended up splitting the beet salad, buffalo wings, and the bolognese (with pappardelle). The beet salad was just ok, but I suppose we only got that in a veiled attempt to get some veggies into the meal. The buffalo wings were pretty good for Boston standards, they had a nice crisp to them, which amazingly you don't find a lot around here. The bolognese was also very tasty, with a rich sauce and al dente pasta. I would get either of the two of those again.