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Apr 26, 2008 02:49 AM

Place for a small wedding with unworldly food?

I'm a Los Angeles native. However, I grew up in Washington DC and am now faced with planning my wedding there. I would love some advice.

I am a passionate foodie and am going to have a small wedding around 50 - 60 people. I'd love to have it at a restaurant with unbelievably great food. Usually, decor isn't an issue when I go out (my own favorite restaurants are dive authentic Chinese, Korean and Vietnamese places with horrid, if any, decorations) but for a wedding, I'd like a place that is modern and beautiful.

Cynthia's Restaurant seemed like it had the kind of food I was looking for, but the setting is pretty wrong, although I haven't seen any picutres. 2941 is looking pretty nice, and does have events.

Any advice on other places? I haven't been to Washington in several years, as I usually meet my family elsewhere, so I'm pretty lost. It doesn't have to have the best absolute food, but delicious and special are important.

Money isn't a tight constraint, but we're not talking no object. Sadly, even if they would do weddings, The Inn at Little Washington is probably out.

Thank you in advance!

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  1. Hi there... I would suggest one of the kimpton properties in the area- Poste at the Hotel Monaco (in DC- there is a HM in old town now as well but I havent seen it) has very good food and an amazing outdooor patio that could easily hold 50-60 people... I would have had my reception there in a heartbeat. (married in mexico instead!) There is also Helix hotel, which does not have the BEST food but is super cool and trendy and FUN...

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      Congratulations ladilettante!
      Depending on the size of your party, my recommendation would be The Tasting Room at Restaurant Eve. It can accommodate 34 guests, and the adjoining Sunflower room seats 20 more. Some of the finest cuisine and service in the region, romantic and comfortable rooms, and you can't beat the location in picturesque Old Town with a public parking garage across the street, hotel next door, and easy access from Metro.

      I've also been to a lovely and elegant wedding at the Lafayette Room at the Hay Adams hotel. They are experienced with weddings and can put the whole package together for you.

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        Hi. The Four Season's Hotel has a small room - Dumbarton Room which opens out to a terrace over the C & O Canal. It is just gorgeous! Food can't be beat!!!

      2. 2941 is a really good choice.

        I would also look into Le Paradou.

        1. I'd consider Proof -- the street-facing windows look out on the Portrait Gallery... The interior is modern yet warm, very cool features like special wine dispensers at the bar (and of course a wonderful wine list), great cheese/charcuterie station (which could be fun for pre-dinner or something).

          The best part is that they have a rolling champagne cart service, which also could be lots of fun for your guests.

          The food is very good -- though I wouldn't say it's unbelievably good. It's more about the experience overall.

          It's not a huge space, so perhaps you could reserve the restaurant as a whole. The problem with a lot of the formal restaurants here is that they stick you in a room apart from the restaurant, so you don't benefit from the ambience the restaurant sets to begin with.

          Here's the site... There's a photo gallery to give you a little idea of the feel.

          1. City Zen at Mandarin Oriental. May be a little pricey...

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