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Apr 25, 2008 11:37 PM

Stanton Social

How is the lounge at stanton socia? i have been dying to go there and have not been able to snag a reservation. Is it comfortable to eat in the lounge? and how is the food there??

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  1. I would not describe it as comfortable. Each time I have been there, the whole upstairs area has been absolutely jammed. I would hold out for a res in the dining room--personally we have never had much trouble getting one...

    1. Get the french onion soup dumplings!

      1. The lounge is pretty full, but there is a section with tables cordoned off by velvet rope that lets you dine without getting pushed as drinks spill onto you. Personally I like the energy of that upstairs area.

        1. Food is very good, but pretty expensive if you're hungry. I was happy in the lounge w/ a group of 4, but we had a bit of trouble negotiating the tiny table with our own plates plus the serving plate. I remember having to put my drink on the floor.