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Apr 25, 2008 10:09 PM

favorite fried chicken?

I love to cook & am pretty talented in the kitchen but don't enjoy frying food yet I love fried chicken! I recently tried Honey's in Culver City & it was good but the batter was more like a tempura batter than a traditional southern fried chicken. A friend recently brought me some fried chicken from Whole Foods on Wilshire in Santa Monica which was very good.
What's your favorite place for fried chicken????

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    1. Korean fried chicken places are popping up all over Koreatown. I really enjoyed Kyo-Chon on Sixth and Hobart.

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      1. re: sku

        and Chicken Day just opened in the mini mall at Western # 3rd

        1. re: JackonCrack

          Excellent. I've had my eye on that one, though I'm not happy that it replaced Choice Meats, which was a great Korean butcher shop (though with another branch I can still go to).

          1. re: sku

            Did it REPLACE it? I didn't really notice the stores around Chicken Day, but I could swear it was just NEXT to Choice Meats.

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            I am not at all familiar with Korean fried chicken tho I am very interested & keep reading about it. How does it differ from southern fried chicken & what 'sides' might I expect to order with it?

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              It's really a whole different beast. Korean fried chicken (KFC?) is cut in much smaller pieces, which increases the yummy fried surface area. It doesn't have that thick batter that southern has.

              At Kyo-Chon, the original recipe is very garlicky and then there is a spicy recipe which is both sweet and spicy.

              Kyo-Chon has some other stuff on the menu, but I can't say I've ever seen anyone order them. The one side is pickled radishes. These used to come free, but now they're charging for them. Still, the cool radishes serve as a nice counterpoint to the fried chicken.

          2. Second Kyochon but parking, as in all of K-town, can be a real booger.

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              They have valet, don't know if it's all hours though.

            2. Memphis Cafe in Costa Mesa has really good fried chicken with mash and collard greens.

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                Dinah's Sucks the big drumstick, don't even go there!

                1. re: bellabar

                  There's also a Dinah's in Glendale.

                  1. re: bellabar

                    Whoh! Have you actually eaten there? I made that mistake a year or so ago and found it to be some of the worst food I've ever been served, including the fried chicken. I couldn't believe it was as crowded as it was.