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Apr 25, 2008 10:09 PM

Best cheap Food in LA.

I am looking for your recomendation for cheap food in LA, I am looking for Gyro, shawarma, a good slice of pizza, chinesse food and I am open to new sugestions.

I will have a car.

Thank You all

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  1. For good pizzas, try Abbot's Pizza on Abbot Kinney. And there's one in Eagle Rock but I can't remember the name (>_<)

    For Chinese, I suggest you go to the San Gabriel Valley area (Arcadia, Alhambra, San Gabriel etc). Especially for lunches, you can get really good deals - most places have lunch specials from $3.99
    Good Vietnamese at Golden Deli in Arcadia, then for Chinese Newport Seafood right in the same strip mall, Sam Woo BBQ by the Ranch 99 on Valley in San Gabriel ...


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      The pizza place in Eagle Rock is's good, but I prefer Vito's.

      1. re: burumun

        What? No Casa Bianca in Eagle Rock? Legendary.

      2. Here are a few recommendations in a previous thread that should keep you busy for a time:

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          Tito's Tacos in Culver City.

          The debate goes on...

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            Joe's Pizza in Santa Monica is the best pizza in LA. Also in Santa Monica is this place called Sham, which is BYO and a hidden gem! It's cheap, and has some of the best shawarma I've ever had. I agree with San Gabriel Valley for Chinese. Had some amazing dim sum there, and it's super cheap and feels like you are in another land altogether. I usually hit it on the way to Palm Springs or Idylwild though, not the most convenient place to just drive to. If you do find any great Chinese closer please share! Been searching since I moved here!

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              Tito's - only been going for 34 years. Stick to the bean and cheese burrito. Good stuff.

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              Or really, any search that involves the word "budget", "inexpensive" or "cheap" will yield a similar plethora of results.

              1. re: SauceSupreme

                You're right SS. There were a ton of those, but I tried to track down a thread that concentrated on cheap eats rather than one that interspersed them among a lot of other recommendations.

            3. for falafal, get the monday and wednesday all-you-can-eat falafal sandwich special at the Hungry Pocket in santa monica across the street from santa monica college.
              the falafal is always delicious and freshly made. (unlike another place in town, they make the falafal and hand it to you directly as it comes out of the fryer--no microwaves, no stockpiling cooked falafal balls). their home-made piquante sauce is the best in town.
              you can specify whole wheat pita if you like.
              they also will squeeze juice to order for you.

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                I have recently discovered the Hungry Pocket, on the north side of Pico in a minimall directly across the street from SMC, and I'm a big fan. It is a good deal even without the AYCE special -- falafel pitas are only about $3.50 and the lamb schawarma pita is a bargain at $4.99. And yes, besides the fresh vegies and tahini on the sandwiches the red hot sauce is potent and delicious. If you have them stamp the little cards you earn a free sandwich for every five you buy. One of the very best bargains on the westside.

              2. Great advice... I am taking notes...:)

                1. Shawarma, how about Zanou? Or Shamshiri?

                  Pizza? Red ballz, Mulberry st. plenty of others.

                  Gyro Papa Christo's/C and K importing.

                  Second the SGV for good chinese. Really affordable. For take out counter, I like Yum Cha, for sit down, a plethora of options.

                  Also, consider getting some sort of Ethiopian on Fairfax Blvd. A "combo" platter from Rahel or Messob is so inexpensive, as is Rahel's buffet lunch!

                  I found a super deal on Isreali food at Hummus Bar.

                  For affordable Indian, I prefer Woodland's Pure in Chatworth. A friday night buffet is all you can eat plus as many dosas as you can hold

                  For inexpensive sushi, go to Midori in Studio City, Encino, or Sherman Oaks for All you can eat.

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                  1. re: Diana

                    Yum Cha is also now in Chinatown. Each item is around a buck. There are tables at the Chinatown location. I would also recommend the taco trucks in Highland Park on York. Either Pique or La Estrella. Tacos are 1.25.

                    1. re: hpcat

                      There are tables in the San Gabriel Superstore location as well. We had lunch there with visiting friends a while back:


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                        Yum Cha Cafe is amazingly cheap. My new favorite cheap dim sum joint. The one in Chinatown is pretty decent.