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Apr 25, 2008 08:35 PM

Fish Market in the South Shore

What is the best place to buy fresh fish in the South Shore? I'm in Hingham, but I'm willing to travel. I've tried Whole Foods, Fruit Center, and Jake's (in Hull).

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  1. Mullaney's Fish Mkt is Scituate is excellent. They get a lot of their fish like cod, haddock, sole, shell fish from smaller dayboats and everything is of high quality.

    They have another location, so call not sure but it may be closer for you.

    1. When you say "best" do you mean for variety, price, or what? The Hingham Lobster Pound has a very limited supply, but the last time I was in there for lobster, they had some really lovely looking swordfish. They also have, btw, great fried clams! The market (can't remember its name) near Tosca has a good fish section, too.

      1. Rockyneck Fish company has a Hingham location at 79 Water Street. I've been buying from them at their East Milton branch, and they have had very good quality.

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          I second this. Steve, the managing partner, was once chef de cuisine at Mistral and sells seafood to some of the top restaurants in town.

        2. I buy all my fish at Burkes Seafood on Billings St in N. Quincy. Been going there for years and have never had a complaint.

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            I second your recommendation of Burke's. It's always super fresh, and he'll order whatever you need. Also, has delicious coleslaw. It's the only place we buy fresh seafood these days. Good! Good! Good!

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              I think Burke's is decent, but overpriced.

            2. How does Mullaney's and Rockyneck differ from Whole Foods in terms of price and selection?

              I think the Fruit Center fish is awful and overpriced, and Jake's is just overpriced for what it is.