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Any, I mean any good restaurants in Burbank?

So far the restaurants have been more than disappointing. We really need help on this.


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  1. I think the answer ro the question is "no" but if you do a search on this board you'll see a lot of restaurants named by other folks on this board who think I am wrong! Good luck!

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      Here is a several time resurrected posting-http://www.chowhound.com/topics/55109
      I recently discovered that there is a Pomodoro in Burbank. Yes it is a chain, but I used to frequent the original (?) in SF awhile back when money was tight and found it to be more then decent for what it was, ie inexpensive "chain" Italian, not sure if locations in SoCal are the same...but alas as noted below not great and probably not what you are looking for..

    2. You should have titled your thread "great".
      There are "good" restaurants that I wouldn't say are disappointing, but maybe your standards are higher than mine.

      BJ's Brewery
      Dinos Pizza
      Gary's Bric's Ramp
      Eat & Park
      Daily Grill
      Frontier Wok

      1. YES! There is a delightful diner in Burbank. Harry's Family Restaurant. Its just down the street from Ikea, and you will see the large sign jutting majestically into the sky.
        The famed hash browns of Harry's are the greatest of their kind.

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          Is Harry's closed? It looks like it might be.

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            Thats horrible. I moved out of the area about a year ago, and I haven't seen it lately, but I hope it's still around. Harry's is the greatest.

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              Well, I ate at Harry's in April of 2009, and it was VERY open! I am a born and bred Burbankian, went to BHS and Harry's has been open since -forever-. The hash browns are perfect, and they are one of the few places that make a delicious "standard" old-fashioned waffle, none of that Belgian stuff. I dream about Harry's waffles!

              I'll call my Mom tonight and inquire about Harry's. I would hear about this right away from her, as she loves that place more than I do.

              Other than Harry's Burbank suffers for great places to eat. Drive to Glendale or downtown LA, you'll get better stuff.

              1. re: Honeychan

                Everything I have had at Harry's was either wonderful or pretty good, except for the mashed potatoes, which were ghastly. I cannot understand how this could happen, unless those people hate mashed potatoes and are trying to wean us all off them. Learned my lesson: I now get the chicken-fried steak in its breakfast incarnation, with hashbrowns as the Lord intended...

                I too had a flash of cold fear when I read Lmo1823's message above, so I got over there to reassure myself. After I think five return trips I think it's gonna stay there, but I do need reassurance, ohhh, maybe once a month ;-)

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              I lived in Burbank from 2000-2006 just down the street from Harry's, and I loved, loved, loved their hash browns..... it was the only hash browns I ever had that tasted good even when they weren't well done and crispy. I posted about them on Chowhound a few times but got few responses... did you learn about them from Chowhound or on your own reconnaissance?

              Mr Taster

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                Can anyone compare Harry's to Pie 'n Burger or Russell's on hash browns?

                30 N Fair Oaks Ave, Pasadena, CA 91103

                Pie 'n Burger
                913 E California Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91106

                1. re: Harry Nile

                  If nobody does, I'll be happy to do the legwork. Hashbrowns is something I've never had at P'n'B, and I've been in Russell's exactly once (and must say not terribly impressed). The very best hashbrowns I have ever had were at the Way Station in Newhall; not much else but abundant atmosphere to recommend the place, but the HB are a thick, fluffy cloud of rich, mellow potato-ness. But for this research I won't have to leave town...

                  1. re: Will Owen

                    Russell's was fabulous in the Eighties, Will, when they had at least three branches in Long Beach and one in Seal Beach. Their pies with the huge meringues, their juicy burgers, and those hash browns were all great. Nowadays, the one remaining location is a girl-scout cookie in a red-velvet bakery, but the hash browns were still decent the last time I was there (a couple of years ago). PnB's are even better, so I'd love to hear how they all stack up against Harry's. I'm also very interested in Honeychan's description of Harry's non-Belgian waffles and might mosey on over to see for myself.

            3. Arnie Morton's is my favorite restaurant in Burbank. It's a very classy, but not stuffy, steakhouse with a wonderful "old school" atmosphere. It's hard to find because it's hidden off Olive.

              ARNIE MORTON'S
              3400 W. Olive Ave.

                1. re: joey n.

                  Here's the deal with Gourmet 88. Learn what Cantonese food is (as compared to Sichuan, Beijing, Hunan, etc.) and then ONLY order Cantonese food. If you can order in Cantonese, so much the better. The more "Chinese" you appear, the better the food is. For God's sake don't try any malarkey like ma po dou fu or orange chicken or any of that folderol.

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                    My wife and I prefer the Gourmet 88 in Glendale (originally same ownership, but now under different ownership from the one in Burbank) at the cross streets of Colorado and Brand.


                    1. re: Das Ubergeek

                      Ketchup passed off as sweet-and-sour sauce is an unforgivable sin in my book.

                      Mr Taster

                      1. re: Mr Taster

                        That's new to me. There was no such abomination last time I went there (which was, admittedly, just prior to the parent post here).

                        1. re: Das Ubergeek

                          That was the most memorable experience from the litany of culinary horrors that was my first and only visit to Gourmet 88. (Mind you, this visit was from my pre-Chowhound/pre-traveling in Asia/pre-Taiwanese wife days)

                          Egg rolls (i.e. spring rolls) served with a yin/yang of ketchup and hot mustard. Lemon chicken gloppy and sickeningly sweet, drenched in yellow goo. There was a third dish, but it's been blocked from memory.

                          Mr Taster

                  2. For some decent cajun food (not fast food versions) try


                    Near NBC where Alameda & Olive meet.

                    This place used to be called Mardi Gras when they were located on Riverside Drive near The Money Tree, Prosecco, Trader Joe's, etc.


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                    1. re: bbrownlie

                      I thought the food was VERY "mall cajun" (something you might find in a mall food court).

                      The po boys were awful (red beans and rice were inedible, I sent them back) and the "pulled pork" I had there wasn't even pulled pork (rather slabs of BBQ Pork laid on a bun...uh....)

                      still, if you want a decent Alcoholic beverage, i second Michaels

                      1. re: JackonCrack

                        Funny, how one person's interpretation can be so diffent from anothers. I believe you, JackonCrack, that your experience is as you state, but I have enjoyed Michael's and have never had to send food back. I recommend the gumbo and the jambalaya. My wife likes the shrimp etouffee. We both like the beignets.

                        Having said that, I sure do miss Homer & Edy's from back in the day on Robertson Blvd.

                        1. re: bbrownlie

                          make that two persons interpretation....I too thought Michael's was freezer food served lukewarm. The "krab cakes" served smothered in some kind of hospital-kitchen gumbo were just inedible. Thumbs down.

                    2. there is Granville... it claims to be somewhat organic and the food is pretty good, but i don't know if that's what you're lookin for. I've only eaten there 3 or 4 times over a 4 year period and each time it was decent. Ambiance is not bad either. Tables and chairs are a bit strange to sit in, as if they didn't get the measurements right... at least it looks good though -lol-

                      Granville Cafe
                      121 N San Fernando Blvd, Burbank, CA 91502

                      1. i second the Smokehouse, near Warner Brothers. ...what's not to like about
                        red leather booths, charming old-school staff that'll bust a move gettin' your horseradish,
                        choice meats, and live music wafting in from the bar area? sure, it's not in Culver City (yet),
                        but you will live a little...

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                          My friend and I ate here after spending a LOOONG day to go and see the Ellen show. It was totally a fun day and it was our last day vacationing in CA from the East Coast. Food was very good - nothing OMG but nothing yucky I'm going to get sick. One recommendation - get the garlic bread - it's delish. There are a fair number of stars that will be here too. We have a friend that works for the Jay Leno show and he recommended this or Mortons. :) Enjoy!

                        2. Just read LA Times article about new restaurant Third & Olive, sounds promising. Has anyone tried? I highly recommend owner's other restaurant Bistro Provence on Pass Ave. (in a mini-mall), uninspired from the outside, but very charming, warm inside w/ tasty bistro fare.

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                            Third and Olive is a fun place on Friday and Saturday nights when they have Doug "the crooner" there taking requests. if feels like you're in a Vegas lounge with the rat pack. Food's good, too. I just wish they had better bar service , seem's to be more of an afterthought there.

                            1. re: archer

                              Second the Bistro Provence reco. Also Prosecco not far from the studios. Really good pasta and good service.

                            2. Cafe Colombia(Colombian)
                              La Maria(Colombian) is technically North Hollywood, but right on the border at Victory and Cahuenga
                              Both have great food.

                              I also think you should give Bistro Provence a try.

                              1. Well, since this has been revisited:

                                I like Willie's Fish and Chips in the liquor store on the NW corner of Alameda and Victory. I like Philly's Best on Olive. I like Tallyrand mostly because they have the most amazing sourdough bread and I'm willing to put up with the place to get it. I like breakfast burritos from the Corner Cottage on Victory and Verdugo and patita from Guantanamera at Five Points. I like Ameci Pizza, Dino's Pizza (especially the lasagna pizza) and Northend Pizza, I like the burgers (plain and unadorned) from Gordon Biersch, I like the sausage sandwich from Pinocchio/Monte Carlo and I like the anisetta salad from Taste Chicago. Bistro Provence is OK, as is Third and Olive.

                                I think John's Eat & Park has the most disgusting omelettes in Los Angeles, and I'd sooner eat at Olive Garden than Barragan's, which should tell you a lot.

                                1. I think the lunch sandwiches at East Coast Deli on Olive are fine. I like the turkey dip sandwiches at Tallyrand, the cheese steak sandwiches at Philly's Best, the anitpasta bar at Market City, and the five-way chili at Chili Johns is a taste of Cincinnati!!

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                                    All due respect, the Chili at Chili John's is three parts grease and one part chili (yes, I am exaggerating). Took some take out and all the grease floated to the top by the time I got it home. Regusting!

                                    1. re: swimfin

                                      I would guess that the chili has about the same fat/grease content as bacon and IMO just as soul satisfying. Chili Johns is about guilty pleasures not health food.

                                      1. re: trimtab

                                        Also, Larry's Hot Dogs past Chili John's for their delicious chili dogs. Now my mouth is watering...

                                  2. Concise answer from both 2008 and 2009 - NO
                                    Take your chances is about as good as it gets.
                                    And pizza does not count!
                                    Even Goondale just south and east of Burpbank does a marginally better job.
                                    When the best of a city of around 100,000 folks is Porto's Bakery on Hwd. Way & Magnolia, it is time to move to another city for food.

                                    1. Granville is terrific casual fare in the Media Center. Nice environment, after work drinks, lnch and dinner. I worked nearby for 3 years, and ate at every place on that strip. Granville was the best. Relatively kid friendly too. The Turkey Cranberry sandwich is delicious

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                                        I have enjoyed things at Granville -- after I figured out what modification needed to be made for each dish. As an example, their ribeye stew is stunningly good and I actually liked the little rosette of mashed potato, but the wad of bleu cheese overpowered and killed the dish. Every single dish I've had there has had this "just one step too far" issue.

                                      2. We've always been happy at Timmy Nolan's pub in Toluca Lake. The pastas with shrimp are a favorite, and the Irish Stew always hits the spot when the craving pops up.

                                        1. The best sushi is at Sono Sushi, the best coffee shop by far is Tallyrands (try the Karen Salad with extra avocado). Proseco service is good and presentation, food so so for the price. Provencal at the shopping mall is terrible, I tried it 3 times since it always got good reviews. All you can eat Chinese is Chinese Garden in San Fernando Blvd by a supermarket cross the street from Kmart (the shrimp and pepper crab is very good). Pinocchio’s for purchasing Italian and European deli items but not for eating there.

                                          1. Across from Pinocchio's, the Bella Vista has fantastic pizza.

                                            1. Knight Restaurant, in the "downtown Burbank restaurant row". As I've said before, if you've lived around Glendale, or East Hollywood, there's nothing on the menu that you haven't seen in a bunch of other Armenian/Mediterranian kebab places, but the food is always tasty and competently prepared, the staff and owners are solicitous, and the prices are reasonable.

                                              I've got to say, as someone who ate in Pomodoros in San Francisco, and liked 'em, long before there was one in Burbank, the concept didn't necessarily travel well.

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                                              1. re: silverlakebodhisattva

                                                Burbank is a foodie Dead Zone. If I had to back anything, it would be Chadaka Thai (great veggie options and soup), Samy's (Kabob on Glenoaks, but no atmosphere), or Sushi Dake on Olive.

                                                Urban Eats on Magnolia is an interesting new contender as well.

                                                1. re: thegingerbreadgirl

                                                  Anyone know what's opening on Riverside across from the Wells Fargo (more Toluca Lake than Burbank)

                                                  It looks like a gourmet Sandwich place?