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Apr 25, 2008 07:55 PM

Peruvian ceviche SD

I read in Gourmet or Food and Wine awhile ago that a famous Peruvian ceviche chef (can't recall his name but was famous there) that Bourdain profiled on one of his escapades was opening a restaurant in SD by now.
Does anyone know? Is it the Latin Chef guy?

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  1. I believe the chef was the Gaston of the famous Astrid and Gaston restaurant in Lima - thats the man he went around with to sample the cevicherias in the capital.

    Dont think it is the guy from Latin Chef, though he is responsible for opening the first peruvian restaurant in Japan, I recollect.

    1. Gaston Acurio had thought about opening a version of his cebicheria "La Mar" in San Diego. Last I heard, that had been put aside, and I think he is targeting SF. The Owner of Latin Chef, Freddy Palma is from Cusco, from what I remember the Chef is from Ayacucho

      1. Anyway, the cebiche at Latin Chef is the best I've ever had. While the mixto is good, the pescado is outstanding. Nice balance of flavors and great texture in the fish slices. So if you haven't tried LC yet, you should.


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          I am planning to visit Latin Chef in the next couple weeks but so sad that Gaston decided to do SF instead of SD. His spread looked wonderful on Bourdain. Happy to check out Latin Chef though!