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Apr 25, 2008 07:25 PM

tripe sandwich anywhere?

I'm a big fan of tripe. I've just been reading Peter Guralnick's biography of Sam Cook who, it seems, would get tripe sandwiches when he was a kid in Chicago and take them to eat during showings in the local movie houses.

Does any place in NY do something like that? I've had tripe tacos and other preparations of tripe but not in sandwich form. I'm now intrigued by that option. Any ideas?


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  1. You can get a Tripe Sandwich at Ferdinando's out in Brooklyn. Check on the the outer borough boards, there has to be some discussion. I'm a tripe fan, but I wasn't too into it.

    Lupa serves a good, non-sandwich, tripe dish.

    Not sure if you've had the tripe taco at Zaragoza in alphabet city, but it's fantastic. Probably the best tripe prep I've had in NYC. And maybe the single best taco. I think he only makes it on the weekends as a special, so call ahead.