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Apr 25, 2008 06:41 PM

Blue Marble Ice Cream = Best I've Ever Had

So after meaning to stop by since they opened a year or so ago, I finally stopped into Blue Marble Ice Cream on Atlantic (South side, between Bond & Nevins? Just across from Bacchus and Stan's Place)

Lots of nice little things about the place:

-- Free wifi
-- Stack of magazines to read
-- Biodegradable cups AND spoons
-- Extensive recycling of ALL types of trash
-- Two different sizes of scoops (which they call "marbles")
-- 100% organic everything in the ice cream
-- Balsamic vinegar as a topping (Don't laugh. Amazing on vanilla if it's good balsamic)
-- Malted milkshakes (not enough malted milkshakes nowadays)
-- A nice, old heavy duty 3-prong, folding blade Hamilton Beach milk shake machine. I used to have one of these -- it makes a mean milkshake.

But far more important than any of that... the ice cream.

With an eye towards trying them out, I got 3 scoops of the small (for $4.50 -- a good price). Butter Pecan, Strawberry, and Chocolate.

The butter pecan was fine. Flavor aside, very well executed high quality ice cream. The right level of creaminess and flavor but the little bits of pecan were not candied at all so they were kinda dry and... nutty? I don't like nuts in my ice cream. Oh well. My bad.

But then.... the chocolate. Good. VERY good. Probably the best chocolate ice cream I've ever had. I was surprised. People haven't really been talking about this place.

And THEN... the strawberry. The STRAWBERRY.

Oh. My. God. Not only the BEST strawberry ice cream I've EVER had but possibly the best ice cream I've ever had of ANY flavor. And really? Combined with the chocolate, possibly one of the food highlights of the last few years for me.

(And the last few years has included plenty of good stuff: Lucali, Difara, applewood, Spicy & Tasty, a trip to Per Se, and dozens of other excellent places, both fancy and plain.)

Words fail me, but I'm telling you -- this strawberry ice cream was an apotheosis. I found myself alternating back and forth between the chocolate and strawberry -- trying to decide just how much I wanted left of each for my last bites.

Deep sigh.

Sadly, it's a bit out of the way for me so I'll probably only get there every month or so. But if this place were within a 10 minute walk of my place I'd be there several times every week.

Have I made my love of this ice cream clear? And this isn't coming from some Tas-tee D-Lite person. Ice Cream is a VERY serious thing to me.

Now get thee to Blue Marble.

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  1. Makes my Texan taste buds water!

    1. Wow, I haven't had the strawberry (sounds like I need to try it), but I really like these guys too. The chocolate and the pistachio almondine are delicious. So are the blackberry and the yogurt flavors. Highly recommended.

      1. Peter - based on your rapturous post I just went and bought a pint of chocolate and a pint of strawberry. It's still too early in my day to really do some serious ice cream eating but based on a limited taste test I agree with you. Both flavors are phenomenal but strawberry probably wins out (and I am not usually a huge strawberry ice cream fan).

        Also the place is really nice and the folks that work there super friendly. They also carry brownies and cookies from Baked which earns more kudos from me as I don't have to trek out to Red Hook for certain things.

        Thanks for the tip - I'll be back for sure. Oh and I mentioned this post to them and they were thrilled.

        1. Ooh now why have I never tried their strawberry? :( I'm pretty hooked on their ginger ice cream. It's pretty amazing itself. I havent been in a cpl months, I'll head over soon and check that out for sure.

          I agree, I'm surprised more people dont talk about this place on CH.

          1. For us Queens folks, what part of Brooklyn is this exactly? Thanks!

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            1. re: janie

              Boerum Hill / Cobble Hill

              It's on Atlantic Ave. around Bond St. or so.