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Apr 25, 2008 06:19 PM

good vegetarian restaurant in Pittsburgh?

Visiting for 10 days in the oakland area, would love to explore any funky veggie place .....also, any meditarranean experiences?

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  1. In Oakland there are two places that cater to veg. that I'm aware of...Kiva Han is a coffee shop w/ a small menu, but I haven't been particularly impressed. Maggie's Mercantile (Vegan/Raw) I cannot recommend, the food itself was subpar and the service was BEYOND rude. I asked to speak w/ the owner, left my name and number, and was never contacted. In Oakland, Orient Express by CMU is better than the other Asian restaurants. Union Grill is overrated. Spice Island is unique. India Garden has veg options, but I haven't ordered them, but the atmosphere at night is fun and Indian friends have said it's authentic. Ali Baba has veg options, but I prefer Aladdins or Mediterranean Grill in Sq. Hill, a mile or two away. Eat Unique I would say is higher quality overall, but perhaps lacking a bit in seasoning, IMHO. I would recommend the Asian places in Squirrel Hill (Bangkok Balcony-Thai, Rose Tea Cafe-Taiwanese), as well. There are a lot of other places that aren't strictly veg that have great veg options.

    1. The Red Oak Cafe on Forbes is good.

      1. The Zenith is completely vegetarian and just across the Birmingham Bridge - maybe 2 miles from Oakland.
        Another really interesting and tasty restaurant is Abay You should check it out. It is soooo good and it's BYOB so you can bring your own alcohol!

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          1. The Quiet Storm in Garfield is totally vegetarian, a funky coffeeshop that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Great Sunday brunch too.

            In Oakland, I'd recommend Spice Island and Red Oak. Mad Mex has some good veggie options. Istanbul Grille is a new Turkish fast-food place with good vegetarian staples (hummos, baba ganoush, etc.). It's on N. Craig, near Centre.