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Apr 25, 2008 06:17 PM

Great burger in downtown Portland

We are just in town for one night from the Bay Area, and in the mood for a great burger and local beer in downtown Portland. We are staying on 15th SW at the DeLuxe and the front desk suggested Henry's and Bridgeport.
Any other suggestions and opinions on the Henry's and Bridgeport? We have a car but don't feel like driving too far away from here.

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  1. Higgins - 1239 SW Broadway. Bar/bistro side for their burger and they have oregon beers.
    Kenny and Zukes has a burger too. SW 10th and Stark.

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    1. re: MyNextMeal

      Thanks! As it happens we ended up at Higgins, before you posted and it was all that we had hoped for. The burgers were very tasty and their beer list was extensive, with dozens of beers from Belgium and elsewhere.

      Now, what about breakfast? We ate at Jam on Hawthorn this morning and found the food less than mediocre. Coffee was dissapointing. Anyplace to suggest with good food and great coffee?

      1. re: leahoak

        Honestly, it's worth the drive: Head to Toast on SE 52nd just north of Steele. It is really quite yummy, distinctive takes on breakfast, locally grown and organic. Homemade english muffins, breads, breakfast sausage, etc. Worth the maybe 10-minute drive to the east. New place, small, get there before 9 or wait a bit. I can't be too emphatic about how good this place really is. I am very picky...would eat here everyday, but the cardiac ward would be my new home...but maybe it's still worth it!

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          Kenny & Zuke's breakfast is a good one, as is Mothers

      2. A good breakfast can be found at Bijou Cafe at 123 SW Third. Mother's Bistro at 212 SW Stark has a nice breakfast and very laid back but chic atmosphere.
        Even better, skip breakfast and go straight to Voodoo Doughnuts at 22 SW Third!

        You really should stop in at one of the Stumptown Coffee Roaster before you leave Portland. It is one of the best coffees in the country.

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        1. re: honeybeepdx

          Thanks, these are great breakfast tips. By the way I found a wonderful latte at Half and Half, around the corner from Powell Books. Great servers, talkative and sweet. One of them mentioned a new place for breakfast, Pine State Biscuits, he loved it, but I'm more in the mood for a regular breakfast, not so heavy.

          We won't leave Portland without going to Voodoo, doughnuts are a secret passion of ours, sshhhhhh.

          Thanks again, everyone in Portland has been warm and have offered many smiles on the streets.

          1. re: leahoak

            Pine State most certainly qualifies as heavy, especially if you're going for that Reggie Deluxe.


            1. re: leahoak

              Pine State's biscuits are fine, but their sausage gravy is absolutely terrible. Maybe it's a Carolina variant, but not what I've had in any other southern state, including N. Carolina. It has a sweetness, probably from the onions they use (never saw that before either) which can impart sweetness. Too bad, a good sausage gravy on those biscuits would be wonderful. Seems like the hash browns I had were sub-par also, but can't recall. I doubt I'll go back.