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Aug 23, 2002 09:02 AM

Menus with Nutritional info

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Other than chain restaurants, does anyone recall visiting any restaurants that include the calorie, fat and fiber content next to their menu items?

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  1. I recall a few. They had it on a sheet of paper other than directly on the menu, accessible to all that request it.

    1. Though I know it' s not here in town, the cooking student's cafe at the CIA in Poughkeepsie NY offered this information. I think it's great but I don't look forward to many restaurants joing the bandwagon; I think the group Center for Science in the Public Interest would have a field day with the reality of fat and calories in most meals.


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        More of everything...

        I believe Rocky Cola Cafe in Hermosa Beach puts nutritional info on their menus, at least on their healthy/fitness mini-menu. The food is only so-so however.