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Apr 25, 2008 05:34 PM

Post-Funeral Lunch in W. Village

Helping a friend choose a West Village restaurant for a Friday or Saturday lunch after a funeral and the main issues are: (1) short notice is necessary because the deceased is being transported to NYC from Europe and flight plans are not set yet, (2) accessibility is necessary because some people can't climb stairs, (3) privacy would be a plus because the family and friends involved rarely get to see each other, (4) number of people could fluctuate greatly, but it's probably going to be about 20 people, and (5) most likely May 2nd or 3rd, but everything is on hold. Google search offered up Villa Mosconi on MacDougal where I filled out a preliminary form, but I'd like to have some other options. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated, thanks hounds.

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  1. Perry St. has wonderful food, the atmosphere is peaceful, and I don't think the number of people would be a problem. If I recall correctly there are a few steps up to the entrance, but none inside. Ask about accessibility when you reserve.

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      thanks rrems, can you give me an address or phone number? mostly I'm so appreciative that you responded, so I can figure it out from here, of course, but just asking, thanks much

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          All information, including menus, is on the Jean-Georges website:

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            It's perfect and now I recognize it as the place I took the same friend (who is trying to plan the funeral) for her birthday during restaurant week a few years ago! Problem solved, thanks rrems and thegreekone!!

      1. Another option is Grano on W. 10th & Greenwich...or AOC on Bleecker. They can probably both handle your needs.