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Apr 25, 2008 04:23 PM

Dim Sum in Sacramento

Is New Canton still tops in town? Do they do Dim Sum everyday? Any must try items?


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  1. They are probably still tops in Sacramento. Some of my Cantonese friends really like the Dim Sum menu at Koi Palace at the Thunder Valley Casino, but the menu is limited and a little expensive - especially driving to Lincoln on $4/gal gasoline!

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      My parents take the free Thunder Valley bus. They give you a voucher that you can use toward food there. Check with some of the Chinese restaurants in town for the schedule; it leaves about once every hour or so if I remember correctly

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          Yes it is. The food is actually very good, if you close your eyes to the prices. Or, if you get a coupon.

      1. Haven't been to New Canton in a year or two, but they were definitely doing dim sum during the week last time I was there. Weekends, though, were when they have some of the more exotic items like fish maw soup and abalone dishes.

        Lately we've been going to Happy Garden on Stockton Blvd. New Canton may have a slight edge quality-wise (although that's debatable), but a filling meal at Happy Garden seems to be less expensive.

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          Hmm...interesting! I stopped going to Happy Garden three or four years ago because they really went downhill. May be worth another try!