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Rare sliced roast beef in TO - where to find

I would bet a number of Chowhounds share my delight in beautiful fat-free slices of rare roast beef...sliced in front of one...no flavour added at the market end except maybe some salt, pepper and dry mustard rubbed on the outside before roasting. Whether for a Sunday evening buffet, a sandwich or grinder, or just munching - it's the best !

Almost any little deli in the USA can provide this - but finding it in Canada is a real problem. Typical is the reaction I get when complaining to the deli manager at the flagship Loblaw's St Clair & Bathurst about the fatty, overcooked, unpleasantly flavoured and textured pre-sliced offerings there- "well, no one else complains." Probably true ! in the same way as my godson complained the other day that the home-made burger I prepared didn't taste "right" (meaning McDonald's-esque !) - our flavour expectations are not surprisingly conditioned, for good and ill, by our usual habits and expectations...

So far my success in finding such beef has been limited. Wonder if readers have any finds ?

My list so far - all good, none really top top top:

a) Bruno's, Yonge/St Clair - consistently rare, made in-house, sliced to order
b) most Sobey's - mine is Yonge/St Clair full btw of very nice employees - not made in house but the Angus beef is medium rare (at least on the inside) about 2/3 of the time, and relatively inexpensive - always sliced to order
c) Whole Foods in Oakville - but of course it costs the earth

Pusateri's (Ave/Lawrence) makes sandwiches with theirs, which are great - but somehow I don't like the way they season it when I buy slices - something funny, and the slices are smallish - and often pre-sliced too.

Any comments and suggestions of where you have found rare roast beef bliss ?

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  1. I have a local Sobeys -- where do I find this? I agree it sounds delicious

    1. Bruno's on Avenue as well (and all the other locations, I imagine). Darn tasty stuff.

      1. Last summer i had a rare roast beef sandwich from Atelier Thuet.
        It was delicious and cut to order.
        i believe it's on the regular lunch menu/board

          1. re: rjp123

            Get the Strip Loin Roast at Bruno's. They can cut for you in different lengths.

          2. Might not be rare enough for you (I usually see it around medium), but Scheffler's in the St Lawrence Market has great roast beef that they slice to order.