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Apr 25, 2008 04:01 PM

Looking for Thai Red Curry Paste and Holy Basil - South Bay

A co-worker is looking for Thai red curry paste and holy basil. Any suggestions on where to find those in the South Bay?


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  1. Marina Food
    10122 Bandley Dr
    Cupertino, CA 95014
    (408) 255-2648

    They should have it. The one in San Mateo does. I think holy basil and thai basil are interchangeable. It has a kind of purplish tinged leaf and an anise-y aroma.

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    1. re: peppatty

      99 Ranch has both of them in stock most of the time...yes, I do believe thai basil is the same as holy basil...

      1. re: peppatty

        Holy basil is not the same as Thai basil, as holy basis does not have the anise-y aroma. "Holy basil is also slightly hairy, whereas Thai basil is hairless."

        Check this site for markets:

        I like the Mae Ploy brand of curry pastes myself.

      2. I get both at Lion. Any of the locations will have them. Multiple brands. Check the ingredients if you have dietary restrictions, as some contain shrimp paste and some do not.

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          Are there red curries without shrimp paste.? I did find a yellow one for my daughter, the vegan.
          From the Mae Ploy people.
          "We offer a few different curry pastes (red, panang, green, matsaman, sour) and yellow is the only one that is truly vegetarian, as it doesn't have shrimp paste."