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Apr 25, 2008 03:35 PM

Near the Bell Centre

I am heading to Game 5 (if necessary...hopefully, yet hopefully not, lol) of Montreal vs Philadelphia. I need some suggestions for a nice place to grab a meal pre-game within walking distance of the Bell Centre / Queen Elizabeth. I am travelling with my grandmother. Both of us enjoy good food and are not picky eaters. I really wanted to try Au Pied Du Cochon, but after mapquesting seems like it is out of walking distance. Any good suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, and Go Habs!

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  1. Brasserie Brunoise is across the street from the Bell Centre....perfect place for
    pre-game meal.
    Check out their website:

    1. Be sure to reserve a spot at Brasserie Brunoise!

      1. Brasserie Brunoise is a good choice
        otherwise depending on your budget, there is il campari centro corner de la montagne and rene-levesque (classic italian fares), la couple which i've never been on the other side of de la montagne, also have a pre game prix fixe dinner.

        how far you want to walk, there is Alexandre on Peel between maisonneuve and ste-catherine, which is a french bistro

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          Bis Ristorante 1229 Rue de la Montagne is a comfortable if conventional Italian resto with a big menu, or you could call Mas des Oliviers 1216 Bishop Tel : 514-861-6733 Southern French to see if they could serve you in time for the start of the game.

        2. Upscale but with an affordable prix fixe, there's Decca77.

          Newly opened La Coupole has been running pre-game specials, reportedly with free parking.