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Apr 25, 2008 03:25 PM

Pregnant woman needs suggestions!!

I am about 3 months along...and have found I don't crave anything. In fact, NOTHING sounds very good. However, when I do eat, I apparently like 'fresh' stuff. For example, after going through lists and lists of types of foods, we passed a Souper Salads. IT WAS THE BEST MEAL I HAD IN MONTHS!

Thankfully, I don't like fried foods, hamburgers, fried chicken, etc. But I find when I need to eat something...and nothing hits the spot, I really seem to enjoy salads.

So my question: I need a list of fast food places that have good salads. Having never been a fan of fast food joints pre-pregnancy, I need suggestions. And fast food places are PERFECT for late night runs.

Any suggestions? Please? Both my husband and I would appreciate them.

Last night had a Taco Cabana's Fajita salad. Yummy.


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  1. I went thru the exact same thing. Except I only craved soups, baked potato's and salads. The best salads are at Panera. I particularly love the Fuji Apple Chicken Salad. If you were told to not eat soft cheese, make sure you ask for it without the feta. I could eat that same salad every day. Another great choice is Macalister's Deli or Jason's Deli. I also love the fajita salad at Rosa's if I'm craving sour cream and guacamole.
    Another thing that helped was plain angel hair pasta with olive oil. I ate my weight in angel hair the first four months. Hope these suggestions helped.

    1. wow, what a healthy baby it will be:o fast food salads that come to mind are macdonald's, wendy's, great for drive thrus, we also love souper salads, but hard to find one to have regularly, though not fast food place, Taco Diner surprisingly has some very tasty salads, one with avocados and their taco salad / fajita salad was great, meat was very tasty... good luck with your pregnancy
      Another option for fast fresh salad options, don't know if you enjoy vietnamese cuisine, but most have a section of 'bun' vermicelli noodles with lots of veggies...

      1. I second the rec for Panera. La Madelines has a great salads too. You might also want to check out Greenz. Whole Foods has great premade salads and a large salad bar as does Central Market.

        1. I'm taking notes on all of the places to try. I'll make a list for me and one for Honey.
          Thank you! :)

          (It may sound healthy...but all of a sudden, I have this unnatural craving for caramel candy and toffees. I can finish a bag in a day. Never really was a candy eater before. Weird. Now I'm on a search for the World's Best Caramel.)

          Again, thanks!

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            Do you want the world's best caramel or do you want one that you can find? Also do you want toffee or caramels? Just asking b/c I have some suggestions but not real clear on which one you want and how hard you want to look for it.

            1. re: LewisvilleHounder

              I want one that I can find.
              I love both toffee (crunch) AND caramel. But the toffee can't be like hard candy. Kinda brittly is how I like it best.

              Caramel, on the other hand, I DON'T like hard caramels. But I also don't want it to fall apart after a few chews. Like Kraft cubes or Brach wrapped candies. Don't like those. The best I've found so far...and it's not THAT Werther's soft caramel.

              If you have other suggestions that are hard chewies, let me know!!!!


              1. re: StoryGal

                Regarding Toffee:

                Wiseman House chocolate in Hico ( makes an extremely yummy toffee. You can order online - OR - go to Paper and Chocolate (Inwood Village ( Paper and Chocolate sells their toffee and a few other select Wiseman items.

                1. re: StoryGal

                  Central Market - Plano usually carries toffee from Austin Toffee Co. and it's pretty good, not too hard, not too soft (and it's sold in various weights so you can choose how bad you want to be!)

                  1. re: lbelle

                    Oh that stuff is so good. I almost posted about that instead of Wiseman House.

            2. If you enjoyed Souper Salad, look for the similar but slightly fresher Sweet Tomatoes chain, poping up all over the metroplex (I know of one in Addison across from Walmart and one in Arlington near the Highlands).
              And either Dallas' or FortWorth's Spiral Diner, yummy salads.