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Apr 25, 2008 03:18 PM

where to eat?

My sister and I are coming to look at grad schools (especially Georgetown) in early June. I've been to DC a few times-she's never been. I'm getting married in October so the whole trip is not in my budget, and she's a starving student, but we both love love love to eat good food. Where should we go? We like all types of food (I'm not a huge fan of Chinese...)What are the best places to spend four days of eating with under 15 dollars a meal? We're going to be relying on the metro to get around.

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  1. Is it 15 for both or 15 for one? Angling toward the lower.

    Adams Morgan area:
    - Amsterdam falafel
    - Pepito's mexican

    U St.
    - Oohs and Aahs
    - Fla Ave Grill
    - Bens (since others will say it)

    Cap Hill:
    - Tune Inn (assuming you're only getting drunk on the ambiance. In that case, though the food...)

    - Does it exist for under $15? outside of chains.
    - Garrett's

    Cross the Key bridge and or take the metro to VA
    Rosslyn area:
    - Pho 75 (though you can do much better with more effort)

    - Pollo Rico
    - El Charrito Caminante - some of the best tacos in the area - a small walk

    East Falls Church:
    - Eden Center - also a small walk, but you get a Vietnamese mall in return

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      In Georgetown, you can get some delicious crepes at Bonaparte for under $15, easily!

    2. Here's a few more choices --

      Downtown lunches: Teaism, CF Folks, Breadline, Naan & Beyond at 17th and L and the Greek deli on 19th between L and M
      In Dupont Circle: Zorba's Cafe for good Greek food and people watching. There's also a Teaism here.
      In Georgetown: Pizzeria Paradiso
      In Columbia Heights: Taqueria Distrito Federal
      For a "splurge": Go to one of DC's Ethiopian restaurants. The ones around 9th and U are all pretty good, the prevailing favorite on this board being Etete. The two of you could eat very well for under $50.