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Apr 25, 2008 03:17 PM

Pasadena - large group

I'm searching for a place to hold a luncheon for a large group of about 30 people, including children. I would like to keep it at $10 -15 per person. Anyone ever have a large party at Saladang? I'm open to any and all suggestions. TIA!

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  1. Outside at SALADONG SONG is great on a beautiful day and you can hit your price target. I think the food is slightly better at DAISY MINT, but the ambiance isn't as nice.

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    1. re: revets2

      Daisy Mint probably can't hold a group of 30 anyway...
      I second Saladang Song.

      Also consider driving a little bit to Arcadia area and go to one of the Asian/Chinese places there. Lunch is super cheap ;) Of course, the ambiance will not be nearly as nice as Saladang Song and such ... but consider Newport Seafood, Phoenix, etc.


    2. I don't think you could do Saladang for 10-15 per person, and for that matter I don't think Saladang could easily accommodate a large group of 30.

      This might stretch your budget a little, but look into Cafe Santorini.

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        Let's clarify between Saladang and Saladang Song that's next to it :P
        I think Saladang Song can accomodate a large group easier especially with their outdoor seating

        1. re: burumun

          Yeah, I know the difference between Saladang and Saladang Song.

          One was first (Saladang), one has a nice indoor patio/atrium (Song), but both are terrible for food.

      2. I've held several large parties at Saladang Song. You may want to pre-arrange a prix-fixe menu with 3 or 4 items to be served family-style. That way, you can come in close to your budget and still offer a variety of dishes. But if I recall correctly, they do offer lunch specials that are reasonably-priced.

        Also, Radhika's (next door to Green Street) offers a lunch buffet for around $10. It's a great site for kids, bc of the nearby shopping arcade and fun British telephone booths.