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Apr 25, 2008 03:10 PM

Napa or Sonoma for Syraz lovers

I'm planning my first wine tour trip with my husband and I'm not sure which area to concentrate on. We'll be doing 3 or 4 nights. We're not very familiar with California wines. Our favourite wines are usually Australian Syraz or malbecs, especially high altitude Barossa valley. We're not really into white wine. I'm thinking we're going to want to check out some great Cabs and syrah on this wine tour.

Can I get some recommendations on wineries and whether Napa or Sonoma is the best area to start off with?


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  1. In Napa, you will definitely want to seek out Havens. They probably make the best Syrah you can taste without an appointment. Other stand-outs require appointments and could require a lot of work (Culler, Outpost)

    In Sonoma/Healdsburg, I would head to Loxton, Selby, and Jepson for great Syrah juice.

    1. In Sonoma County, Carlisle, Pax, Copain, and Radio-Coteau make excellent Syrahs. All will require appointments.

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        Copain *is* amazing and one of the few lists I have stayed on -- I didn't realize they actually did tastings!

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          They have opened up a place on Eastside Road recently instead of the warehouse in Santa Rosa.

      2. If you're not married to that area, or for a subsequent excursion, check out the central coast areas on the CA board. Key words: Paso Robles, San Luis Obispo (SLO), Edna Valley, Santa Ynez, Santa Barbara area wineries. Enjoy, and do report back.

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          thanks for the suggestion. I'll keep that in mind for another trip, but we'll definitely be sticking to the San Fran area.

        2. Hi ztarsh, I'm curious about where you are from; I'm asking because: in California the grape is usually referred to as either syrah (French) or Shiraz (Australian).

          I would recommend checking out Darioush (Silverado Trail in Napa). The owner claims that Shiraz was originally a Persian grape, brought to France during the crusades, and then to Australia in the 1800s. [I suspect this story is not true.] Some say the winery looks like it belongs in Las Vegas, but they make quite a few high end Shiraz wines.

          Sorry, can't help on tha malbec.

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            Sunnyand72 - I'm Canadian. I just wanted to be clear about my taste in wine so I could get some suggestions on must try wineries. I'm not very familiar with California syrahs since I tend to drink Aussie Shiraz's. So if there are any full-bodied spicy california reds that anyone can recommend, I appreciate the help. In the meantime I'll check out darioush

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              I am a Darioush detractor -- the building is pretty stunning (and *very* Persian) and worthy of a visit for a tourist, but I find their wines to be extremely expensive and hot with alcohol. I have yet to taste any of their wines I would drink...

          2. Well I first sense would be to send you over to northern Sonoma County. Dry Creek Area. Preston and Christopher Creek come to mind. But there are plenty of small places you can just pop into over there. And also, Dry Creek area is where premium Zinfandels are grown and produced and you may enjoy them. Also search around for boutique Petite Sirah producers. Calistoga, in Napa County, is a good area, but again, based on what you wrote, I think you will find what you enjoy in Sonoma County. So make Healdsburg your base. (Knights Valley and Alexander Valley does produce some lovely Cabernet Sauvignon.)

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              Mauritson has also some great Pinot Noir's to complement their outstanding Zin's. I am biases toward Healdsburg since I live in Santa Rosa. The tasting rooms are less crowded than Napa's and less expensive.

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                Mauritson does not make a Pinot Noir. We have been club members since they have been open and know the owners quite well.