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Apr 25, 2008 03:03 PM

Nice Restaurant: Chelsea, MA

Can someone recommend a nice restaurant in Chelsea or the nearby area? My wife and I will be at the Wyndham Hotel for one night and don't know anything about the area. We like all types of cuisine. Thanks in advance

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  1. If you are willing to take a cab, I really enjoy Abbondanza which is pretty close in Everett. Floramo's right near your hotel is a decent red-sauce Italian place which offers some common items in the area (steak tips, sausage) as well as strip steaks, but for the tips you would be better off taking a cab to the dive bar (being honest since you asked for 'nice') where they are better and not sweet like Floramo's. You could check with your hotel if Emily's is still open, which is again red-sauce italian, but I am pretty certain it closed. There is a lot of Latino food in Chelsea, but for the most part you need to be comfortable in places where the majority doesn't speak English: Bella Isla for Puerto Rican, El Chalan for Peruvian, particularly chicken (no beer/wine), and probably El Rancho Grande for Mexican.

    There are a lot of other options in Chelsea (delis, pizzerias, etc), but the focus is on more casual dining. If you head over into East Boston there are a number of great options (which you can find searching), often for a bit more polish. If you head up to Saugus there is the closet thing we have to an upscale Brazilian rodezio, Midwest Grill, as well as some good Italian restaurants (La Vita Mia). Tommy Floramo's is better than the Hilltop Steakhouse for steak, but if you head up to Peabody you could hit Pellana for a upscale steakhouse, but I would consider the pretty quick trip across the Tobin to the North End.

    1. If you're not caught up on ambience and want good food, the Newbridge Cafe has the best steak tips anywhere. I can say that safely now that The Quiet Man is gone.

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        Second the New Bridge. Good food, no frills, and great steak tips.

        I do still miss the Clubhouse Cafe though..... :)