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Apr 25, 2008 02:20 PM

Late night eats

We'll be arriving in Paris around 11:30 pm. Are there any restaurants serving decent food at that time? My foodie heart can't wait till the morning to have some fine Parisian fare.

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  1. Chez Denise in the 1st is where I would head. They're open until 5am, I believe. Boisterous place with nice meat and offal options.

    1. Le Poule au Pot is open late and serves alot besides that dish, although I almost always order that. It comes in an enormous portion. I love the lively and friendly atmosphere. Late at night you are likely to see some sort of celebrity. Chez Denise is not open on the weekend, so if you are arriving Sat or Sun--quelle domage. I think it closes 5am Sat. morning.

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        We'll be arriving late Wed night so Le Poule should be ok. Is it anywhere near Place d'Italie? That's where we're staying.

        1. re: onionpolenta

          La Rotonde is, and it is very good. That's my late night place.

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            Dear Souphie:
            You're posts are terrific. Thank you. I just came on board a few weeks ago. You've responded to a few my requests which i've appreciated. And now i see my self going for your other advices! So thanks. Am coming to Paris in May with our adult son who is a New York foodie...(dad and I less fussy but our son has educated us)...and so i especially appreciate knowing places that he already knows.....or will find out since he's the one who taught me about Chowhound! so thanks....think we're staying in the 7th - still not may do L'atelier for lunch...thinking also of Les Ombres, Goumard and Les Senderens as our splurge specials. But also want to do something more casual. LaLozere is an old time favorite....thanks again Sophie. If you ever come to nyc hope i can be of reciprocal assistance..though you probably have nyc covered as well...
            Denisein manhattan