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Best NYC seafood lunch besides Le Bernardin?

ok fellow hounds, i'd love your input on this one. for a really fantastic seafood lunch [price no object], what's the best choice other than le bernardin?

blt fish?

recent experiences/reviews would be very helpful. thanks!

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  1. esca gets my vote. if solo, dine at the tiny bar. the crudo is mandatory. the spaghetti neri is very good. try it once. you'll be back.

    1. definitely not oceana, went for lunch and thought it was not worth the money and will never be back. Esca and Le Bernadin I like, have not been to the other two.

      1. NOT markt. one of the worst meals i ever had. my vote would be esca maybe Aquagrill

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          Goodhealthgourmet, I think Aquagrill is a good choice for seafood. Just wanted to mention it's a bit more downscale than the other restaurants you have mentioned (with the exception of markt). Didn't know whether that was a concern for you.

        2. Since you have included Markt on your list, I presume you would be open to restaurants with menus that do not focus solely on fish and seafood? If so, I highly recommend Eleven Madison Park. Chef Humm does remarkable things with fish and seafood. The current menu has two fish/seafood apps and 3 main course fish items. The snapper in a saffron endive nage with piquillo peppers is stunning!


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            i have to say, i'm not a fan of EMP. i've been there twice, and both meals were underwhelming.

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              Esca or BLT Fish are both great. Also Mylovos...

            2. My top choice would be Milos for its very fresh, simply prepared fish.

              Kuruma zushi is great if you want your seafood raw.

              Do you have seafood other than fish in mind?

              1. thanks for all the suggestions. unfortunately raw isn't an option because my dining companion doesn't do sushi.

                i really wanted to go to esca, but can't get a reservation for when we need it. thinking it'll probably be blt fish. we're big fans of blt steak, so i've wanted to try it.

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                  if you want to come downtown put MARYS FISH CAMP in your mix. we just had lunch there today. i had a craving for skate that was well met. it was served w/ capers over artichoke leaves. tasty.

                2. MARKT is not great. It's passable mussels, and it certainly doesn't belong on the same list as the three other restaurants you've listed. BLT Fish is pretty good, and Milos (which has already been suggested) is excellent for very simple preparations---usually just oil, salt, pepper. Jean Georges and Hearth also have great fish and seafood dishes, although neither is a "seafood restaurant." Hearth, for example, has AMAZING pea soup with peekytoe crab, a number of roasted fish dishes (including a sturgeon that is awesome), and a tasting menu that features two amazing lobster and scallop dishes. A slightly more casual option is Mary's Fish Camp, which has good steamers and lobster, as well as fish dishes. Good for lunch bc dinner is usually mobbed.

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                    ok, so apparently my info about markt was wrong - someone had told me it was primarily a seafood place. oops.

                    i have heard wonderful things about milos, and since i'm a purist, i'm sure i'd love it there.

                    decisions, decisions...

                  2. if Lure Fishbar serves lunch, definitely try it. i've had two great dinners there.