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Rockville Chinese

OK. need to do Chinese TONITE, finding confusing info on past entries. What was described as good is later amended because of change of ownership.. At this time (tonight) what is a decent mchinese restaurant? Thanks

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  1. Far East on Nicholson Lane, Rockville. DELICIOUS! Absolutely, by far the best chinese in Rockville!

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      2nd that, though I have not been myself in more than a year.

    2. This is probably too late... some of my faves for Chinese in Rockville are Bob's 66, Tony Cheng's, Seven Seas, New Fortune. Far East is not bad, but more old school American Chinese.

      1. Ended up not making it out anyhow, but thanks for the replies, I'll be able to give them a try on another occasion. I am familiar with Far East but thought it had gone down hill more recently. Have not tried the others.

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          Far East- really??? I work right near there and have found the food to be absolutely horrible. I go there for convenience and nothing else. I am so surprised to see it mentioned as great. I am a fan of Bob's Noodle in Rockville and Seven Seas.

        2. Too late for the OP, but I can't let a thread titled "Rockville Chinese" go without mentioning Joe's Noodle House.

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            I second that! Joe's Noodle House is great. Always
            lots of a Chinese customers.(a sure sign that it is
            good) Excellent food, but crappy decor... (but hey,
            food is more important to me)

            They make the best szechuan style Spicy Rabbit.

            1. re: OaktonWhitney

              3rd Joe's Noodle House.

              Also Bob's Noodle 66 and Seven Seas

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                I prefer Bob's 88 to 66. And they now serve the Tawaianeese Hamburger at 88.

                1. re: deangold

                  Another vote for Joe's Noodle House!!!!!!! My favorite dishes: dandan mian, suan la fish, mapo doufu, scallion pancake... oh, too many to name.

                  1. re: Cookingthebooks

                    Joes ins a mainstay in my Chinese rotation. My favorite is crispy dry fried beef or the 3 pepper chicken.

                    Also, I've been going to A & J more often. Yesterday I ahd a graet meal of won tons in red, pickled cabbage and garlic cukes. The juicy pork buns were not very juicy at all but had good flavor. I should have stuck to my first choice of potstickers!

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                  Ok, I was just trying to be nice with my previous comment that Far East wasn't bad :) Everyone has different tastes and preferences. There are definitely much better Chinese choices in Rockville than Far East. It was THE place maybe 15-20 years ago.

            2. On the basis of this thread, my mother and I had a meal at Joe's Noodle House while we were in town for the weekend. I must say that your other Chinese food options must be pretty horrible if this is the best recommendation to be found in the Rockville area. We had ma po tofu, chicken and eggplant with basil hot pot, a fish filet and soft bean curd in sichuan sauce (turned out to be nearly identical to ma po tofu but with fish filets) and string beans sichuan style. The entirety of our food was oversalted. I had asked them to make the tofu and the fish dishes mild b/c my mom isn't used to spice, but they were made way too spicy for her and they failed to correct this after we pointed it out to them. Regardless of the spice level (I would prefer them as spicy or even spicier than they were made but I wanted them to be mild for my mom), the sauce was ridiculously salty and also over peppered. The string beans were fine. The hot pot pretty tasteless, with dried out chicken in a soy based sauce that pooled at the bottom of the pot. The rice was definitely non-traditional- very nutty. We barely touched our food at all. I knew that I was spoiled with Little Pepper and Spicy and Tasty in NY (and Wu Liang Ye and Grand Sichuan), but now I know how truly lucky I am.

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                Sorry you didn't like Joe's as it is probably my favorite restaurant in the area. I find it curious that you would order two dishes almost exactly the same especially two spicy dishes in which you would have to ask them to tone down the spiciness. Personally, I would never do that. if for some reason I went to a Sichuan restaurant with someone who couldn't eat very spicy, I would go with certain classics like dried tofu (or rice cakes) with shredded pork, peanuts with fried baby smelt, eggplant in garlic sauce, cucumber salad, seasoned seaweed, tender bamboo shoots. You'd miss most of the best stuff, but you would still eat exceptionally well.

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                  I live in NY but visit my parents in Bethesda periodically. Glad to hear Joe's still rocks! I went to Bob's Noodle House a few years ago. We didn't find it so special. Would love to hear of people picks for Chinese in the Bethesda / Rockville area. I especially love Taiwanese food, but haven't found it so readily.

                  Very reasonably priced Peking Duck in Bethesda at China Express and Mayflower, by the way (at least this was the case the last time I checked, which was within the past year).

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                    Bob's other Taiwanese restaurant, Bob's 88 Shabu Shabu, serves better Taiwanese food than the original Bob's Noodle 66, IMHO. And right across the street from the original location!

                    That and Joe's are the two standouts in Central MoCo. And New Fortune for dim sum, on Rockville Pike just north of Shady Grove Rd.

                2. re: Jesikka

                  I have to agree with Jesikka above--I don't like the quality and taste of the food at Joe's Noodle either. Over ten years ago, Joe's was THE place to go amongst the local Chinese community. Granted, many Chinese still frequent Joe's but it's definitely not considered the best. About five years ago, the original owners left to open Jen's in Gaithersburg and Joe's took a dive down hill. Jen's was awesome those first few years and was everything Joe's used to be in its prime. (Unfortunately, the owners of Jen's sold out about three years ago).

                  To each their own--everyone has different tastes. For me, Joe's doesn't reflect the best Chinese food the Metro DC area has to offer.

                  1. re: rheelee

                    Of course not everyone agrees, but your 'timeline' gives a false impression.

                    The food at Joe's right now is about the same as it was before the 'change in ownership.' it is one thing to not like the food at Joe's. But you'd have to eat extensively through the menu before you found a difference between how the food is now and how it was then.

                3. When my friends from NY, who are chinese, come to visit they always want to go to Seven Seas in Rockville.

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                  1. re: keithdcil

                    Bingo. The few times I've eaten from the group menu at Seven Seas were awesome experiences. I stopped recommending the place here because no one ever seems to take that advice. I'm from NY and Chinese. Is there a split here between what Chinese people and non-Chinese like in Rockville??

                    1. re: Minger

                      So, all those Asian people who pack the tables at Joe's and speak Mandarin Chinese aren't Chinese?

                      Anyway, even if you ARE Chinese that doesn't mean you love Sichuan food. Perhaps that is the issue at hand. Jesikka says her food was "oversalted" and "way too spicy" -- that sounds pretty darn authentically Sichuanese to me. Personally, I love Joe's -- but I also love salty, spicy, numbing Sichaun dishes.

                      I have not been to Seven Seas, but I did just take a look at their menu on-line. It looks like a Cantonese or Shanghainese restaurant heavy on the seafood. Perhaps it is excellent -- but from what I can tell, it serves an enitrely different kind of regional cuisine from Joe's. Comparing it to Joe's would be like comparing a crepe restaurant with a bistro.

                      1. re: Cookingthebooks

                        I agree with Cookingthebooks. While I prefer Hunan Chinese food (even spicier than Sichuan usually) I do like to eat at Joe's. But you do have to know what to order. The best thing about Joe's is how large the menu is. I enjoy Seven Seas when I am in the mood for Chinese seafood. However, the strenght of Chinese food here in the Rockville area (actually Wheaton and Gaithersburg) is dim sum. While it may not be what Jesikka is used to in NYC, but then NY is only about 100 times as large as DC), there are some excellent places to get dim sum.

                        1. re: dinwiddie

                          Agreed! Wheaton and Rockville have some excellent dim sum. My favorite is A&J. My brother has called it "too authentic" for his taste, but I love it. Particularly their pot stickers, noodle soups and scallion pancake.

                        2. re: Cookingthebooks

                          Jesikka likes Wu Liang Ye and Grand Sichuan (which branch??), so she likes Sichuan. (I haven't eaten at either yet, and Grand Sichuan is known for being progressive, so some calibration is in order here all around.)

                          Seven Seas is not Sichuan but it is an excellent restaurant that plenty of Chinese people seem to enjoy. Yet is it not represented here much at all, and most of these Chinese people, whether at SS, Joe's, Bob's, are not posting here. My question is what are these people eating for Chinese in Rockville, besides Joe's and Bob's, the most frequently recommended here?

                          1. re: Minger

                            I still go to Seven Seas on occasion, but don't go regularly. They do a very good job on seafood, but the rest of the menu contains a lot of landmines. Service is brusque at best, especially if you're not Chinese. And even after the renovation a few years back, it's not the cleanest joint in town.

                            We go far more often to Joe's, Bob's 88, A&J, China Bistro, and Tony Lin's.

                            1. re: Minger

                              China Bistro for dumplings only gets tossed around a bit. But only the dumplings.

                              1. re: reiflame

                                China Bistro =mostly= for dumplings. But any of the cold plates in the front display are also good, as well as any of the homemade noodle dishes on the specials board.

                                The rest of the menu is standard Americanized Chinese, though well-prepared, if you like that sort of thing.

                                1. re: DanielK

                                  Yes, I had a very good, cold, spicy and sour vegetable dish there as well as the gorgeous dumplings.

                          2. re: Minger

                            Seven Seas is one of my favorites too. Not only is the food great, but the owners (Mr and Mrs Shen) are very nice and true partners in the community. I do a lot of volunteer work and Seven Seas is very participative in giving back to the community.You know it's good when staff from other Chinese restaurants go there after they get off work.