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Aug 22, 2002 12:40 PM

Broiled black cod w/miso... any recipe hints?

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OK, I've become addicted to the broiled black cod in miso after numerous business lunches at Sushi Roku (a place that can be hit-or-miss, but this dish has always been a hit). I've also really liked the versions served at Asakuma (see thread below) and Sakana in Arcadia.

So the other evening I decided to attempt it at home using the time-honored method of trial and error and, well, it was pretty much an error. The miso paste clumped up too much and was too salty, the fish dried out, etc.

Any intrepid souls want to come to my rescue?

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  1. will this do? from Gourmet magazine's website...


    1. next to unagi, miso butterfish is one of my parents' favorite things to order. i love the stuff as well.

      this is a recipe from the koganji temple in hawaii. they put out great cookbooks, and "simply delicious recipes" is the first one i go to when looking for local hawaii or japanese style recipes. i'm lifting the recipe from the "main dishes" section; hope they don't mind.

      the thing w/ local recipes is that they can be on the salty side, so i'd use caution w/ the salt, miso, shoyu, and marinating time (same goes for sweetness and sugar). i haven't tried this recipe yet bc i've been too lazy and buying my codfish pre-marinated at mitsuwa!

      butterfish no karami yaki

      2 or 3 pcs butterfish
      1/4 t ginger juice
      1 T sake
      1/2 t salt or more to taste
      1 red chili pepper (optional)

      sprinkle ingredients on fish and let stand while preparing marinade.

      4 T white miso
      1/2 c sake
      1/4 c sugar
      1 T shoyu (soy sauce)

      mix in suribachi (ceramic motar bowl). pour over drained butterfish. marinate for 3 days. fry in a little oil or broil.

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        Those prepackaged-premarinaded ones at Mitsuwa or Marukai (or other japanese markets) are still very good. While the misozuke cod is good, I would recommend that you try the kasuzuke black cod (marinated in sake lees) next time, if you already haven't.