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Apr 25, 2008 12:41 PM

Favorite Sushi: Baltimore

Alright, I did a search and nothing recent came up...

What are your favorite sushi places in Baltimore? I find myself going to Asahi in Fells Point often. I think it's tasty and a good value, not to mention BYOB.

My wife and I also enjoy XS on Charles. Creative and fun rolls.

We got to visit Kawasaki once before it closed, and that was good.

So let's hear it. Sorry if this has been visited a bunch of times, but it's Friday and I'm bored at work.

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    1. I don't think Baltimore has a "great" sushi place. My go to is Matsuri on Charles Street in Federal Hill right in between Mother's and Cross Street market. Their sushi is consistently good and they have some good non-traditional rolls. I also like Chiangs in Harbor East and I heard about a new place called Ra, I believe it's also in Harbor East, but I don't know anything about it.

      1. Keep your eyes open for the new Joss Cafe on Charles St. Longtime a favorite in Annapolis. I am guessing that this Joss Cafe is at the old Kawasaki location, since the owners are related. I have been frequenting Joss in Annapolis, literally from the day they originally opened (hate to say how many years ago). Joe and Jane (proprietors) have always been a delight; and the sushi chef line is always first rate. The sushi is outstanding (I rarely have anything else) regardless of the area or country you might want to compare it to (I have travelled throughout Japan on business since the 1970's). Never have I had anything less than a good experience at Joss. I doubt that I could say that about any other restaurant in the area. Order a shishamo hand roll (they will know I sent you).

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          Joss is okay. No way it compares to the best sushi in LA or NYC. In Baltimore I like Minato and Matsuri.

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            I agree with ko1. Joss in Annapolis has gone considerably downhill in the last couple of years. Not in freshness, but in presentation, service and value. Maybe it helps if you're a regular. I don't know if they are a victim of their own success, or have been distracted by the well-documented problems with the other family place, Kawasaki, in Baltimore. At any rate, for a variety of reasons, it is no longer my go-to for sushi in Annapolis. They are switching the name Kawasaki to Joss. When I walked past it this week, it looked like it was undergoing considerable rennovations and won't be open for awhile. Minato and Matsuri are both good, reliable choices.

        2. minato is my go to place. i have not been disappointed with any of their sushi, and the pho is addictive.

          yeah, they serve pho.

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            I second minato. They treat us like family every time we go in. Everything is always fresh and their tuna tataki is to die for! My favorite roll is spicy tuna and avocado wrapped in mango.

            1. re: rudmansjmu

              Thirded. I wholeheartedly agree on being greeted very warmly, on the great fish, and on how their pho rocks. :)

          2. We went to Sushi Sono in Columbia once and you had better get there early if you want a table - they will make a reservation, but I believe they only take reservations for tables of 4 or more. I'm no expert on sushi, but Sushi Sono ranks waaaaaayyy up there with Zagat's Guide and we really enjoyed it. I think Zagat rates Sushi Sono's food as the highest rated of ALL restaurants in the Baltimore Metro Area.

            We enjoyed Edo Sushi - we've been to the one on Owings Mills Blvd and the one in Timonium. My Fiance swears by the Owings Mils Blvd location - she likes the green tea and claims that the women who work there know how to treat a Customer right.

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              Sushi King in Columbia is co-owned with Sushi Sono but is casual/family-oriented with more seating, parking in front. Anybody have a quality comparison, like had the same item at both?

              1. re: Whitemarshjohn

                Another Edo Sushi fan. I just like the overall package that you get there (my reference is the Timonium location). There are its fair share of detractors on the boards though.

                I enjoy Matsuri as well and find myself gravitating to there if I'm in the city.

                Notes on some other places:

                I really really didn't like Sushi Ra in harbor east. Loud music blaring and their rolls were just a bit too "inventive" to enjoy.

                I'm not a fan of San Sushi: really unusually large cuts of sushi and sashimi.

                Looks out for Cafe Joss if JRCann's info is correct. I believe the place in Annapolis is the old Kawasaki's owner's sister (though I didn't know it was called Joss). I'm hoping for big things when it comes to town as Kawasaki was such an old staple.

                1. re: Wangus

                  Joss owner is indeed Kawasaki owner's sister but hopefully the INS problems are a thing of the past. Joss always seems well run and with people who want to work there, unlike the two Kawasaki's.

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                  Sushi Sono is my favorite as well. It is crowded on the weekends but they will take your cell number and call you when your table is about to be ready... My husband and I always go get a drink at Clydes while we are waiting... time passes pretty fast then.

                  and SO worth the wait...